Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Easter

We all enjoyed our Easter Sunday this year. We decided to take it easy and had our own easter egg hunt on Saturday night. The kids had so much fun finding their eggs and playing with them after they were all found. We told the kids about the Easter Bunny coming to their house to leave them a present on Saturday night. They were so excited when they woke up Sunday morning.
Unfortunately this is not Joshua's Easter "outfit". Sunday morning was so cold, so we had to pull out something a little warmer. Joshua was very happy about his easter basket. The Easter Bunny brought him a Lightning McQueen race car which is by far his favorite.

Abby Kate was so excited about wearing her pink Easter dress. For the past two weeks she had been begging to wear her dress. The Easter Bunny left her a pair of pink sunglasses. Of course she wore them all through church on Sunday morning. She is definitely turning into a little diva!


alice said...

You have such beautiful children!

Jamey said...

So sweet!