Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jackson at Six Months

14 pounds, 9 ounces, 25 1/2 inches

I have TWO teeth!

I am eating food. Mommy has made me green peas and sweet potatoes. I love the sweet potatoes, but I don't really care for the green peas. She plans on making green beans, carrots and squash next. She will also try and get me to eat some avocado and some bananas.

I am sleeping in my own room at nighttime.

I give Mommy the best hugs around the neck.

I love to play with Mommy's hair.

I love my Jumperoo!

I love to touch Daddy's face.

I cry when I see that my Mommy is not holding me.

I "flirt" with ALL of the ladies!

I can sit with the support of my boppy.

I do not like baths anymore!

I love to play.

I love my brother and sister! They love to give me toys and talk to me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Potty Talk

Joshua has been potty trained since March! He has done and continues to do a fabulous job. May I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair for all of you mommies of boys! It does its job quite well. I have been starting to wonder when I should put the potty chair up. I must admit, I am getting a little tired of the little white potty sitting in the kids' bathroom. I am also a bit tired of dumping it out and cleaning it after each use. I know, I know, this makes me sound really lazy, but I am looking for any and all ways to make this ship move a little quicker. Abby Kate loves to use the "big" potty and uses her stool to reach it. I do not have to assist Abby Kate or Joshua with using the potty at all. Now I'm only called in to wipe! I always love it when I hear, "Mommy, come wipe me!!!" Which makes me question - when can I stop wiping my children's bottoms? Anyways, back to my original thought. When can I put away the potty chair? Joshua is the only one that uses it. If I take away his throne, he will have to learn to use the big potty. I have a feeling that this will be quite a messy process for my little boy. I don't want to create more work, but I am still really tired of that potty chair and all that I have to do to keep it clean. So, what would you do?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


...as a Bad Santa Picture

Monday, December 10, 2007

On Spoiling

Jackson is spoiled! He is my last baby and I am enjoying each and every moment. He has been a great baby from day one! I think that having one baby is a WHOLE lot easier than having two!!! I have absolutely NO sympathy for those moms that complain about their ONE baby (especially if it is their first). When Joshua and Abby Kate were little it was nearly impossible to please both babies at the same time. When one cried, the other cried. When one ate, the other ate. When one needed to be held, the other was right there with us. Thankfully, we had them on the same sleep schedule, so that was huge help. In order to keep up with the demands of two babies, I was one organized scheduler. (It helps that I am that way by nature and it is the only way that I can function). The most frustrating part of caring for two babies was that I could not meet every need immediately. Someone was always left in want of being held or played with. When both babies cried at the same time, I had to see whose needs were more pressing and meet that child's needs first while trying to "gently" pacify the other.

With Jackson, things have been quite different. I am more laid back about the "schedule" thing. I do not let the schedule dictate our time together. Instead, I go with the flow that Jackson has created. If he is hungry, I will feed him. I do not try and "hold him off". If three hours have passed since his last feed, then I will feed him when he wants to eat. I know that after eating, Jackson will play for about an hour to an hour and a half and then be ready to take a nap. I do not lay him down to rest at a set time each day. Yes, he still gets in his naps, they are just according to the last time that he ate. I am working on dropping one of the nighttime feeds. He has done this for the past few nights very well. He will still wake up, but Jason will kindly go into his room and put him back to sleep for me.

Jackson moved into his own room this week. I was clearly not ready for this, but he was. I still hold him while he falls asleep. He can and will lay down in his crib and fall asleep on his own, but I don't want him to. Unfortunately, this will all change soon. I know that he needs to go to bed on his own or I will be stuck putting him to bed like this for the next 2 1/2 years. I still swaddle him to sleep. He loves to have a burp cloth near his face (this is a good thing seeing as how he loves them all and I don't have to have that "one" special thing). The burp cloth is clearly his "lovey", but I am looking for a good name. "Lovey" is not really a good "boyish" name. Any suggestions?

I cannot stand to hear him cry. If he cries, I pick him up. Why should I let my baby cry if he only wants to be held? This time will pass way to quickly. Last night while saying prayers with Abby Kate, I pulled her up into my lap to cuddle. I was amazed at how BIG she was in my lap!

Jackson has a schedule. I know that he must nap and be feed and have play time. The only difference with him is that I let him dictate those times. I am not watching the clock anticipating what is coming up next. I definitely feel more in tune with what Jackson is wanting or needing. I know that I can meet each of his needs and I do that in a timely manner. I once read that you cannot "spoil" a child during the first 6 months of life. When you meet your child's needs immediately, you are instilling in them trust! I am enjoying each moment. These moments are very short and they will all end sooner than I will want them too. So for now, I am spoiling my baby and we both love it!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our Night Out with the "Rocks"

Girl's Night Out!

Abby Kate and I had so much fun in Nashville! Abby Kate had been looking forward to seeing the Rockettes for a very long time. She was thrilled when she woke up on Friday morning about the day we had ahead of us.

We were able to meet up with Tara and Hope outside of the Opryland Hotel and walk in together to the Delta area. Abby Kate was so happy to see Hope. She adores her so much! We all rode on the Delta River Boat. The girls really enjoyed being on the water and seeing all of the wonderful sights in the hotel. Jackson even enjoyed the ride. He LOVED watching the fountains and waterfalls.

After riding on the River Boat, we decided that it was time to get some dinner before the show. We tried eating at the Aquarium Restaurant, but ended up leaving without eating (Poor service. We sat down and after ten minutes decided that no one was coming to our table to take our order). Abby Kate was still very fascinated with the fish in the aquarium. We were short on time, so we strolled up to Johnny Rockets and grabbed a quick burger and some onion rings (I might add that these were the best o-rings that I've had in a long time). I met up with my Dad and he took Jackson for me and went off to meet up with my mom. My parents had so much fun keeping Jackson.

We walked over to the Grand Ole Opry and saw the Rockettes. I have always loved getting to see the Rockettes. I have gone the past two years with my mom and I am still amazed at the talent! I was so anxious to see the look on Abby Kate's face as she watched the Rockettes perform. She absolutely LOVED every minute of it! I think that her favorite part was seeing the Rockettes dressed up as "Ragdolls". I always love seeing the "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers".

After the show, we met back up with my parents to get Jackson. Tara treated me to a Decaf Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Yum - o!

At the end of the night, we rode in a Carriage Ride outside of the Opryland Hotel. The lights were beautiful. While riding in the carriage, Abby Kate looked up at me and said, "Momma, this is so much fun!"

Abby Kate was sad to see the night come to a close. When Tara and Hope left, she cried for a long time. I let her talk to Jason on the phone while I drove out to my parent's house. I loved hearing her describe the night. The funniest thing that she told Jason was that our horse, Tiny, stunk! This was the first time that I had heard that. We finally fell asleep at 11:00 in the same bed with Jackson in his bassinet right beside us. (Abby Kate has started calling his bassinet a manger.)

This is what Abby Kate wanted to wear to Nashville for the evening. Doesn't she have a great sense of style?

Abby Kate and Hope in the Opryland Hotel.

Abby Kate and Hope on the Delta River Boat.

Tara and Jack on the Delta River Boat.

Hope and Abby Kate on the Delta River Boat.

Abby Kate sitting on a church pew in the Grand Ole Opry during intermission.

Abby Kate LOVED looking at all of the Christmas lights while we waited in line for the Carriage Ride.

Abby Kate and I enjoyed our Carriage Ride outside of the Opryland Hotel.

Tara, Hope and Jack on the Carriage Ride.