Monday, May 21, 2007

To The Couple Waiting Ever So Impatiently In Line Behind Me at Marble Slab

There are 8 other people in line in front of me.

You are beginning to invade my personal space.

If the person in front of me scoots up closer to the person in front of him, I am under no obligation to move 2 steps forward to be on his heels.

I can hear you talking about me not moving forward.

There are only 2 workers getting everyone's orders.

You can look up at the menu to see the flavors of ice cream that Marble Slab is offering tonight (you don't have to crain your neck around my body to see what is being offered).

I could care less that you are in a "fruity" mood.

Yes, two people checked out, I still don't have to move forward. What's the point? It's not like we are going anywhere anytime soon.

(To the guy out on the date) Please do us all a favor and invest in a bottle of deodorant. If I can smell your body odor, so can your date.

Please give me my personal space!!!!


Jamey said...

It's my favorite when you can hear people talking about you. And really..why do we have to move up in a line? It's not like someone is going to have the guts to cut in the space left by the previous two feet? Or are they?

Supabloggasuprememama said...

bwahahahahaha! thats how I felt about smelly fat guy behind me at the salad bar. geez.

Jason said...

You and your personal space issues crack me up! That's why I love you!