Monday, October 01, 2007

Since When... honking one's horn such an insult! In most countries, honking one's horn is a common courtesy. Yet, here in America, it can become the worst thing that you do to another driver.

Yesterday, while driving home from church, Jason honked our horn. The car that was in the right lane was making a lane change. He was getting over into our lane, the only problem - we were right beside him. Apparently we were in his blind spot. To keep this fella from hitting us, Jason let him know that we were right there with him. Do you know what this guy did??? He gave us a very unkind hand gesture! What??? He almost hit us!

Today, while waiting for my friend Alisha to show up at a consignment sale, I had the pleasure of watching another "horn" episode. (Keep in mind that these are all women looking for a prime parking spot at a consignment sale - that would be the "mommy" type.) There was a lady driving a white minivan that passed up a spot and decided to throw the mini in reverse to park in the missed spot. Well, she apparently forgot to look in her rear view mirror (yes, there are other people in the world) and see that another car was behind her. In fear of getting hit and by way of letting the minivan driving mom know that she was behind her, this lady did all that she could do - she honked her horn! Well, the minivan woman did not like hearing the horn, so she high tailed it out of there (good thing there were no kids in the parking aisle that she raced down). The best part was that both women ended up parking on the same aisle as the other and there was only one parking space between their two vehicles. They stared each other down all the way to the door.

Unfortunately, I have had way too many drivers say horrible things to me (even though I can't hear them since I am in my car and they in theirs), use unkind hand gestures and hit their brakes, all because I used my horn. Sometimes, I am not even honking at them, but someone else! Why is honking your horn such an insult?


Jamey said...

I only use mine to get people's attention if they're about to hit you've mentioned.

But apparently I don't use the horn enough because when I try to beep it, I can never hit the right spot the first time around! :)

I think people are embarrassed when they do something wrong; therefore, they don't like the sound of a horn.

Although I am not an advocate of honking for the sake of honking! I don't care for those drivers...

Jason said...

In some of the foreign countries I've visited, people will honk to let other cars know they're going to pass. It is, as you say, a courtesy. That's all I was trying to do before that dude got all flippy on me.

By the way, you crack me up with your "unkind hand gesture". You're so proper!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! This entry is so funny. Yeah...horns are such an insult that sometimes its really funny to me to sit on the horn for a good few moments to let the other driver know they almost KILLED me. ;)