Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Changes

These past few weeks Jackson has experienced some BIG changes. The first big change was that we finally (really) cut his hair. I absolutely LOVED his hair, but he had been mistaken for a girl by several people. We were getting pretty tired of watching our little man be called a girl, so we got him a BIG BOY haircut. Jason brought him by school for me to see, and I have to admit that I was really shocked at first. He looks really adorable with it, though, and it is already growing like crazy!

The next BIG change for Jackson was that we said good-bye to his pacies. On Wednesday, December 16th, Jackson's pacies went up and away for good. He's only asked for them a few times, and I don't really think that he minds them being gone. I must admit though, that the other night, he was really having a hard time getting back to sleep in the middle of the night, and I was the one longing for the beloved pacies!

On Christmas Eve, I fixed a big breakfast and Jackson got some syrup on his pajamas. Jackson has been obsessed with his pajamas and requests to wear them all day long. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to put on undies and pajamas, stressing the importance of keeping his pajamas dry. He did great! Here we are 5 days later, and my little boy is well on his way to being potty trained. Jackson has managed to stay completely dry during nap time, and then on Saturday night, he stayed dry.

Jackson has gone through some pretty big changes over these last few weeks. It is hard to believe that we will not have any more pacies or diapers hanging around our house. Those are two big things that had become a part of our lives these past five years! We are very proud of our little guy! He is getting to be so BIG!


The HoneaBees said...

He looks so much older! Haircuts make me sad it makes them grow up in about 5 minutes-and for boys they are so much more to keep up with!!!
I, too, cannot wait for no more diapers. I wish I could just snap and the potty training would be over. Maybe it will be easier this time!?

one BleSSed gal! said...

Way to go're well on your way to BIG boyhood!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sunny, his haircut is so cute! He does look like a big boy now. I have to say I will miss the old hair.



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his new haircut! So cute...and he looks so big! What an exciting time with all of the big changes ya'll are going through...though I know a little sentimental, too. :)

brooke said...

I love it!! It's so precious...and he does look like such a big boy! Everything chnages now...he's growin' up. :)

Anonymous said...

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