Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Boy And His Butterfly

The little boy and his daddy stood patiently in the butterfly house waiting for a beautiful butterfly.

The little boy found a beautiful butterfly on a flower and crept ever so carefully over to the flower to hold the butterfly.

The little boy's brother was terrified of the butterfly house and was hoping to leave soon.

The little boy's Daddy was able to catch a butterfly. The little boy was so excited to see a butterfly up close and was very anxious to hold it.

The little boy tried to hold the butterfly, but his Daddy had to remind the little boy about how fragile a butterfly really is.

The little boy got ready to hold the butterfly again, a little more carefully.

And, the little boy looked at his Daddy with his big beautiful blue eyes with such anticipation.

Alright Dad, I'm ready for my butterfly.

Oops, the butterfly flew right out of the little boy's hands and onto his arm.

Umm, are you getting this momma?

1 comment:

one BleSSed gal! said...

Poor Joshua! Such good pictures of Jackson! We love the butterfly house but it does require a good bit of patience, doesn't it?