Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jason and I recently celebrated our 12th anniversary! In so many ways it seems like only yesterday that we were standing before an audience, at the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ on a hot summer day in August, pledging our love to each other. In other ways, it seems like a really long time ago. Our lives have been so richly blessed by each other. I am thankful for the family and friends that God has placed in our lives over these last 12 years.

We were able to celebrate our anniversary with a getaway to Nashville. The kids stayed over at Uncle Richard's and Aunt Tara's house and had a blast!!! They went to a football game and went out on the boat for their first time. They loved the water and had a great time! Jason and I stayed in Nashville and enjoyed our time together. I am so grateful for the opportunities where Jason and I can just get away together; just the two of us. We enjoyed meals together, saw The Help, did some shopping, and Jason took me to my first Grand Ole Opry show! I loved visiting our old stomping grounds...the same restaurants, the same movie theater, the same's fun strolling down memory lane.

I have been to the Opry house on several occasions, but I had never actually been to the "Grand Ole Opry". One would think that for living 21 years of my life in Nashville that I had actually been to the Opry, but I hadn't. We saw Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Martina McBride, and countless others. I loved every minute of it!

Jason, I love that we share so many common interests. We love to travel, watch the Cardinals play ball, visit baseball stadiums, go to concerts (there's just something about live music), go to the movies, read, share some time together over a cup of coffee, and just being together. Jason, I love you more and more each day! I am so grateful that I have you as my one true love. "Baby, you're the greatest!"  Happy Anniversary!

May 2011

The Grand Ole Opry

Vince Gill
They were honoring his 20 years in The Opry the night we were there. 

Amy Grant
 I'm really excited to have a date at The Ryman in December to see 
Vince Gill and Amy Grant's "The Twelve Days of Christmas" tour.

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