Friday, December 30, 2011

The Halls Were Decked

It is always SO much fun decorating our house for Christmas each year. My goal this year was to have fewer Christmas ornaments broken, than I had last year. I am happy to report that we met that goal. I believe that only 1 ornament broke compared with last year's 5 ornaments! The kids are always so helpful and we really enjoy making our home full of Christmas cheer. Here's a tour around our home after "We Decked the Halls"!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I love looking back at all of our Santa pictures with the kids. Lots of memories with each one.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....
Side note: My stocking is on the end to help with the coordination of the stocking pattern. 

So many favorites here: Snowmen - they are my favorite! The skinny snowmen group - I remember shopping with my mom when she bought these. I was delighted that she gave them to me when I left home. The Santa boots - Jason and I both have these and they are from our childhood. The picture of Abby Kate - priceless picture of our passionate child and what Santa thought of us for putting her into his lap. 

Some more favorites: The picture of Jason, me, and our Cocker Spaniel, Andy - our dear friends took this picture of us for one of our Christmas cards. Little did we know that I was pregnant with the twins when this picture was taken (2003). Abby Kate and Joshua with Santa - they were 5 months old in this picture with Santa. Our first Christmas with babies (2004). The picture of Joshua and Abby Kate with the red frame - love their little personalities that were captured here. Joshua is fascinated with the ornament (ball) and Abby Kate is inquisitively trying to figure out who has her (2005).

Our little first Christmas tree. This tree has our Precious Moments ceramic "Our First Christmas Together - 1999" ornament and last year I found the Precious Moments nativity set. It is a small one, but I love Precious Moments and have always wanted a "small" nativity set for our home. This tree and the special Precious Moments stay in our room during the holidays. 

Joshua's Christmas tree

Abby Kate's Christmas tree

Jackson's Christmas tree

And what's Christmas without a house full of Christmas goodies? Our kitchen table was converted to our sweets' and appetizers' table for the duration of the Christmas celebrations.

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Aimee's Adventures said...

I loved seeing all your Christmas decorations! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!