Thursday, September 06, 2007

Movie Anyone?

Steps I have taken to start the movie Cars for Abby Kate and Joshua...

1. Open DVD player to remove Dora the Explorer.

2. Place the Dora DVD back in its case.

3. Open up the Cars DVD case to remove the movie, only to find the PlayStation 2 NCAA 07 football game in its place.

4. So I try to open the PlayStation 2 NCAA 07 football game case, only to find the PlayStation 2 NAMCO MUSEUM in its place.

5. I then open the PlayStation 2 NAMCO MUSEUM case in hopes of finding the Cars DVD, only to find nothing!

6. I try opening the PlayStation, but I don't know how to open the silly system!

7. I call Jason (who is on his way to the ball field to play some church league softball), and I can't get through to him.

8. I tell the kids that I can't find the DVD and they both start crying.

9. I try calling Jason again and he still does not answer his phone.

Anyone seen my Cars DVD?

This is why we are suppose to put things back where they belong!


alice said...

Sunny, its nice to know I'm not alone in this problem. Maybe we could start a support group. I could've written nearly the same steps that I've gone through looking for one of Caleb's videos. There's no telling how many times I've asked John to put the videos in their proper cases. One day I went through the "find the video" game only to then realize John had disconnected the DVD player to show a buddy some deer he videoed and hadn't reconnected it. A meltdown occurred!

Jason said...

That's too funny Alice!

We have been battling this for years. Movies, CD's, and now the DVD's - it never ends!

Sunny said...

Sorry that last one was me!

jon said...

Ummmmm, the last time I used it was in the PS2 and that was that last time I touched it. I SWEAR!!! oh, and there is a power button on the back of the PS2.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

bwahahaha! glad we're not the only ones who do this!!!

Christine said...

I went through that two weeks ago, only we were on vacation, and driving 75 mph on the interstate. FUN!?!

Sunny said...

Hey Christine! Welcome to the 'ole blog. Can't imagine having to do all of this while driving down the interstate. Talk about stressful!

Amy said...

That is hilarious! I think you describe what goes on in millions of households daily.

I am so technologically challenged, and I can feel Alice's pain about the DVD/VCR thing.