Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween. Joshua and Abby Kate had so much fun! I wanted to share some pictures from this year's Halloween.
Happy Halloween!

Our "fairy princess"
(Minus the wings)

Joshua is SpiderMan!

Our little 13 pound "JACK-o-lantern"

Abby Kate loved wearing Mommy's lipstick!

"Do you have a puppy?"
Instead of saying, "Trick or Treat" when we rang "Ms. Gina's" door, Joshua asked, "Do you have a puppy?". We don't know where this came from, but we will never forget it.

Joshua's first Tootsie Roll!
I ended up having to scrape the tootsie roll out of all his teeth. Our dentist would not be too happy with me!


Jason said...

Better not let Denton see that picture of Joshua!

The kids had a great time. The puppy thing must've been the theme of the night. Several houses we went to had dogs, so towards the end, they were asking everybody if they had a dog.


They look so cute, Sunny. I love the "JACK-o-lantern"! So clever. Don't worry...I won't tell your dentist about the tootsie roll. Your secret's safe with me. He would get a crack out of that picture, though. :)

laura said...

These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Jamey said...

too cute!

Amy said...

I love these pictures, as well as all the ones on your sidebar. You have the most precious children!

I would have cracked up over the puppy question!