Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Trip to the POOL

Who goes to the beach, only to spend the majority of their time at the pool? We do, we do! Jason absolutely LOVES the ocean! Jackson is our thrill seeker, so he LOVES the ocean too! Joshua and Abby Kate loved looking for seashells and we all enjoyed walking along the beach. However, the majority of our "swim time" was spent up at the pool.

One quick story about our trip down... It was an absolute nightmare! Joshua and Abby Kate were fine, but little Jack just did not want to be in our van. He screamed and cried pretty much the whole way. He undid his seatbelt countless times and threw every pacy, blankie, and toy that I handed to him down on the floor of the van again and again! Can I just say how sore my ribs have been for spending the last 5 years bent over the armrest trying to reach for "the fallen objects"! We stopped to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch and Jackson begged for more milk. We actually had to go to 2 gas stations to get him some milk - what gas station doesn't sell milk? Jackson thanked us in his sweet little voice for his milk and we were on our way. I don't think that we were 15 minutes down the road that Jackson started screaming in pain and pointing to his chest. Then it hit! Jackson had his first "real" vomit! I know that it must have scarred him to no end, but we immediately pulled over and tried our best to clean him up. Have I mentioned that Jason has NO sense of smell? Fortunately he didn't have to suffer through the horrible stench in our van the rest of the way down, but the rest of us did. We made it to Gulf Shores and stopped at the grocery. Jason was surprised to find the nastiest diaper on Jackson when he picked him up. Once again, he needed a change of clothes and to be cleaned up. Once we got to our condo, I spent about 30 minutes cleaning every nook and cranny of his carseat, while the cover washed. We stuck the seat outside overnight and tried our best to air out our van. I am happy to say that the smell is gone and the carseat was clean (he stuffed his poptart down in the seatbelt holder, so now there are crumbs everywhere). It will not be a story that we will forget anytime soon. We've had our fair share of upset tummies around here, but nothing ever prepared me for that! As far as traveling with milk goes, I think that we will stick with water now. I don't think that I can bring myself to buy milk from another gas station again!

I guess that wasn't really a quick story. :)

Anyways, here are some pictures. Can you tell a difference? Thank you, Brooke!

Joshua just had to have his picture taken in front of the big pirate ship, but the sun proved to be a little too bright for him.


Stefanie said...

The pics look great!!! You must let me know what you did to change them.

chesley said...

i wanna know what you changed too! throw up in the car is not fun. i hate to say i've experienced it more than once with Grant!

Stacy said...

I love the big pics! Does that take a lot of memory on your blog?

Jordan has thrown up in her carseat SO many times! I hate cleaning them out--at least we haven't had to deal with that on a 5 hour trip!! Sorry!

I love the pool too...I have only ever touched a 'beach' 3 times or so, though. Never been to one in warm weather!

Jamey said...

What sharp pictures! Looks like everyone had fun.

Vomit is no fun at any time, but especially when you have to clean up other objects besides the thrower-upper.

JAB said...

I will say the no sense of smell thing certainly has its perks. I never smelled anything in the van.

The flip side is I'm also the one who has to always clean up the REALLLYYY nasty accidents.