Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rocky Top

Last year, I took Joshua to his first UT football game! We had so much fun and are looking forward to another trip sometime soon.

This year was Abby Kate's turn to go to Knoxville with Jason and see her first UT game! She was so excited about their special trip together and has been counting down the days since Joshua came back last year from the game. Joshua let Abby Kate wear his jersey with our last name on the back. She has a really cute pink "Tennessee" shirt, but she insisted that she look like her daddy.

They both had the best time together. I loved talking with them about their time together. Jason was very sweet to her and bought her a "T" necklace that she wears daily! I am glad that the two of them were able to go to Tennessee to see the Vols play. Here are a few pictures of their day!

And I...

I got to spend the day with my two favorite little boys!


Anonymous said...

Love it! So adorable. Go Vols!

brooke said...

How special! I think that's great...father/daughter time. We definitely need to do that more at our house. It's just so easy for girls to go with girls and boys with boys. The pictures are so cute!!! That's hilarious that she wanted to wear the jersey like daddy. Love football season!!!


How neat! I could tell the Sunday mornings after that she was so proud of that special necklace. I'm glad they got to do that together.

joy said...

What a fun day you all had! Some of my best memories from childhood are days spent just me & my Daddy. He would always buy me some little trinket & I still have several of them. I know that is a special day that Abby Kate will never forget! And glad you got to enjoy a day with those 2 cutie pies =)

I was working on a post about "special times"...this was just the encouragement I needed =)