Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everyone Has Their Own Way of Doing Things... is my way....of saving money at the grocery store.

It is no secret, I love shopping the grocery sales. I've blogged about my old ways and my new ways, so I won't go into all of that. If you are curious, I guess that you could grab a cup of coffee and spend the next several hours in front of your computer looking through all of the archives...

Anyways, I thought that I would share the way that I go about shopping for my family at Publix. I know that everyone has their own method. I've tried a few new ones recently, but found that I needed to stick with what worked best for me. So, here we go...

And yes, I realize just how geeky this is, but I digress.

First, I look through my sales flier that comes to my driveway every Wednesday morning. I circle the items that are on sale that WE use in our house. My next step is to go through my coupon book and pull out all of my coupons to match the sale items in the flier. I stick my coupons at the front of my book and wait for the Sunday paper. Publix's weekly sale runs through the following Tuesday and there is usually a good chance that you will get a few extra coupons for a few items in the sale's flier. Today, I walked away with 9 new coupons to use on my shopping trip. (I did get two of one of the coupon inserts. I love it when they do that!)

My next step is to sit down and actually write out the items that I have circled and the sale price beside the item. This helps me to make sure that I am getting the right price and keeps me from having to look through my paper. I also write out the number of the each item that I will need to get if my coupon specifies something like, buy 2 and save $.75. This also keeps me from having to look at each coupon while shopping. For some of my other buy one get one free items, I usually buy 1, but there are others that I like to stock up on if it is a good deal.

This is my loot from today's Publix adventure. My total was $62.20, with a savings of $73.13!

This is my favorite part of my receipt! A list of all of the coupons used during my transaction!

I almost always leave with a raincheck! The Starbuck frappaccinos were buy one get one free, so I didn't want to pass up my offer for 2 packs of frappaccinos for $4.99!

Okay, so here is what I did today with my trip.

*I only buy what is on sale. My only exceptions are milk and bread, which we always seem to be buying.

*I bought several items that were on sale that I didn't have any coupons for. I considered the sale a good deal and stocked up on my canned veggies, nutrigrain cereal bars, crackers, butter, bacon, turkey meat, chips, cool whip, fruits, and cheeses.

*2 Sister Shubert Rolls - 2.50 each
(2 Coupon for $.50 each - doubled) = $1.50 each

*1 Honey Nut Cheerios - 1.99
(Coupon for $1) = $.99

*2 Chocolate Cheerios - 1.99 each
(1 Coupon for $1 and 1 Coupon for $.50 (doubled) = $.99 each

*2 Lipton Tea - 1.90 each
(Coupon for $.75 off of 2)= $1.52 each

*2 Muffin Mixes - 1.29 each
(2 Coupons for $.50 each (doubled) = $.30 each

*3 Cans of Chicken Broth - .59 each
(1 Coupon for $.40 (doubled) = $.32 each

*2 Bottles of Vegetable Oil - 1.89 each
(2 Coupons for $.25 (doubled) = $1.40 each

*2 Boxes of Popcorn - 2.44 each
(2 Coupons for $.40 (doubled) = 1.64 each

*1 Hefty Foil Pans - 2.50 each
(1 Coupon for $.50 (doubled) = $1.50

*I used a $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase Star Grocery Store Coupon which our Publix matches.

Did you notice that I got all of those groceries for $12.20? Thanks to my mom and dad for that awesome gift card to my favorite grocery store!


one BleSSed gal! said...

Your "way" looks very similar to mine. I rocked @ Publix this week too (I only spent $8 more than I saved...fresh fruit kills me) :) But I really rocked @ CVS, especially since I got a FREE $25 gift card for taking a new prescription (which was also free) to our new CVS. I almost felt guilty for walking out of the store with 4 over stuffed bags & $9ECB without spending a penny!

Jason said...

Well, I'm very thankful that you're so frugal when it comes to shopping. You crack me up, though, with your little coupon system. But what really cracks me up is the fact that you had a little photo shoot with all the food you brought home yesterday! I love you!