Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I'm Lovin'

I love Hostess' Cup Cakes. I've tried the Little Debbie Cup Cakes, but they don't hit the spot like the classic. I have fond memories of getting to eat these as special treats with my dad. I inherited my chocolate addiction from him. My all-time favorite story happened one Easter when I was in junior high. The Easter bunny always brought my brother and me a Russell Stover's solid milk chocolate bunny rabbit. Each night at dinner, we were allowed a few bites for dessert. I guess that we had learned to store our candy in our rooms over the years because my dad would eat it if we left it in his sight. So I headed off to my bedroom to get my chocolate bunny and was a little surprised by how light my bunny felt when I picked up the box. Upon my return to the kitchen table, my dad was trying his hardest to keep from busting out laughing. I still didn't realize what was going on until I pulled out my bunny. He was practically gone. Apparently my dad had found my stash and had a little snack earlier in the day. I still think about that story every time I am tempted to eat my kids' candy that they leave lying around the house.

I am lovin' my new LARGE PRINT Bible. Yes, LARGE PRINT! For Christmas a few years ago, I had asked for a Bible that I had seen in the sale's flyer for LifeWay. I was thrilled with my new Bible, but there was one small problem - the print. I could barely read the print in my Bible because it was so small. Well, I finally talked Jason into buying me a new Bible the other day. He has one just like it that he uses to preach from. The print isn't really that big, but it is easy on the eyes. I am really enjoying reading my new Bible.

While we were there, the kids also found a Storybook Bible that they wanted. It was pretty funny watching them plead with Jason about getting them a new Bible. I mean, who can say no to their child asking for a Bible? I love how my children have such a thirst for God's word at such a young age. I love watching Abby Kate look at all of the pictures, asking questions about the characters and then telling the stories over and over again, while "reading" the Bible. I pray that their thirst for God's word is never quenched.

Jason and I started watching Survivor in 2001. We are now 17 seasons in and still loving the show. At first, we were pretty skeptical and dismissed it all together. I felt a little hypocritical about my strong feelings toward the show, when I realized that I hadn't even seen an episode to know what I was talking about. We sat down together on a Thursday night in 2001 and it has pretty much been our reality show for the past 9 years. This season is proving to be another great one.

And, who doesn't love Everybody Loves Raymond? This is our all-time favorite show! Recently we moved our DVD player into our bedroom and there is nothing that I love more than watching an episode while trying to fall asleep. However, I find that I am not really falling asleep because I am too invested in the show. There are so many classic moments and scenes that just make you laugh so hard. This was one of those shows that we've just always watched. I love everything about it! I only wish that it were still on the air. I don't think that there will be another show that compares in my book.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't in love with my iPod Touch when Jason gave it to me awhile back. I pretty much left it alone because I couldn't figure it out right away. I'm not really big into iTunes. By that, I mean that I don't go there and download songs. I get Jason to do that for me. :) Anyways, the Touch was something new for me to learn and I didn't feel like figuring it out at the time. So I left my Touch alone for several months.

In February I went on a trip to the aquarium in Chattanooga and thought that I might want to listen to some music on the way up. Jason charged up my Touch and I was happy to have something to listen to on my trip. Once again, I came home and tucked away my Touch for another rainy day.

A few weekends back, Jason headed out of town as a guest speaker at a Men's Retreat. My computer has not been very cooperative the past several months, so I've taken a break from it (poor gal just needs some more memory from all of those pictures I keep putting on it). Since Jason was going to have his computer for the weekend, I thought that I would give the Touch another go. And, I have been hooked since then! I love my iPod Touch and am happy that I have one!


one BleSSed gal! said...

Cole just saved up his money & bought an iTouch. I will admit that I LOVE it. I sneak it while he's at school :)

chesley said...

i love posts like this! i haven't caved to an ipod at all yet, but i'm starting to salivate over iphones! i can so relate to needing some more memory on my computer :-)!

TARA said...

I love what you love, except I don't have an I-anything.

Stefanie said...

Hostess Cupcakes and Suzie Q's are my favorite!!! And you are right, little debbie's just aren't the same.