Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Favorite Place

St. Louis 
I have been traveling to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play ball with Jason for a little over 14 years. I have so many fond memories of the times that we have shared together. We saw Mark McGuire chase the home run record in '98, we were there when the Cardinals won the National League Championship in Game 7 in '04, we took Joshua and Abby Kate to their first Cardinals game in '05, we saw our last game in the old stadium in '05, we saw our first game in the new stadium in '06, and we took Jackson to his first Cardinals game in '08. We've seen a lot of games and there is nothing more that we love doing as a family than traveling all the way to St. Louis to see our Cardinals play some baseball. Jason and I have always joked that when we retire, we would love nothing more than to be that sweet old couple ushering people to their seats and seeing every game of the season. 

This summer has not been what we had planned, so we wanted to head out of town for a short little get away. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, especially for July in St. Louis. The highs for the first two days were 80 and 81. It was perfect! We were able to catch the Cardinals/Brewers series for 3 games. The kids loved it. Of course, Joshua can't get enough baseball and watched every second of every game with such intensity. He cheered loudly, called every player by his first and last name, and won the hearts of all those around us. Jackson insisted that FredBird was Mickey Mouse and couldn't wait to see where he would pop up next. We were able to go to Build-A-Bear there at the stadium and Jackson made his very own FredBird. Abby Kate enjoyed the game too. She loved munching on the snacks that we brought in and proudly wore her Cardinals' bracelet and necklace that Jason bought her. We enjoyed our time away and our time together!

We caught batting practice during Friday's game. The kids were really hoping for a ball.

Joshua got a ball from Ryan Franklin. He politely called his name and Franklin looked up at Jason and threw a ball to him for Joshua to keep. 

Abby Kate was a bit more shy about asking for a ball, but Franklin took note of our little girl and made sure that she got her own ball too. We were the only ones that got a ball from Franklin. 

Joshua was not too thrilled about the way the Cardinals were playing on Saturday. There is something about this picture that I just love, though.

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Stacy said...

What a fun trip! We have been to St. Louis several times too, & it really is such a fun city to visit! I'm so glad y'all were able to get away & have so much fun!

one BleSSed gal! said...

i really love these captured the excitement & the happiness that ballpark brings to you all as a family! how about them getting those balls??? so glad you all had a fun get-away, you definitely deserved it :)

chesley said...

what a fun trip!! that 1st picture is amazing & all of the other ones are just too sweet! glad you guys had fun & made more memories!! our summer hasn't been what we planned either!

brooke said...

Fun times!! Love all your pictures and I'm so glad you made it ok! Memories...these are the best!

The HoneaBees said...

I am laughing that you said Joshua politely called his name! Too funny! glad you were able to get away!!