Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Years

We're SIX!!!!!!


Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Food: Apples
Least Favorite Food: Blueberries
Favorite Sweet: Chocolate with a Kit Kat
Favorite Toy: The Amazing Spiderman
Favorite Show: Baseball
Favorite Song: Jesus Loves the Little Children
Favorite Restaurant: McAlister's
What he wants to do when he grows up: A Cop

Abby Kate

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Disney Princess: Snow White
Favorite Food: Eggs and Bacon
Least Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Sweet: Gum
Favorite Toy: Baby Dolls
Favorite Show: Max and Ruby
Favorite Restaurant: Rosies
Favorite Song: Blue Skies and Rainbows
Number of teeth lost: 2 
What she wants to do when she grows up: A Nurse

I asked for a picture of all 3 and this is what Jackson gave me. 

My precious blessings

So excited over the movie UP

I love the excitement on his face!

Such a big young man

Make-up and a cosmetic bag!

Abby Kate fell in love with this Barbie when she saw her in the store and begged to have her!

Such excitement over a princess trash can! Yes, a trash can. A few days before her birthday, we moved Abby Kate's desk and art supplies into her bedroom. She loves working at her desk with the door closed (so the boys will leave her alone). She asked us for a trash can so that she could properly dispose of all her garbage. I think that she is trying to see how many times she can fill it up just to dump it out. She definitely makes me laugh.


Abby Kate had a big year! She lost 2 teeth, cut off 10 inches of her hair to donate to Locks of Love, took her first gymnastics class, got glasses, and finished up preschool. She is turning into a little lady that is very independent. She loves nothing more than to help out around the house. She is obsessed with organization, just like her momma. She loves to "hold" real babies. Abby Kate loves swimming and enjoys riding her bike. She is very tender-hearted and gives her heart completely if you've won her over. Her love is one to treasure and adore. She is so sweet to her brothers, but also likes to tell them what to do. She can't stand for anyone to go into her bedroom - she freaks. She would love it if I would just lock up her room for the day so that no one could go in. If something is missing or not right, she stresses over it until it is righted. Abby Kate is full of life and has so much love to share.

Abby Kate, we love you so very much! You are an answer to our prayers. We are so incredibly blessed to have you as our daughter. These past 6 years have gone by so quickly. We pray that you will continue to "delight greatly in the Lord" and that "your soul rejoices in God." Isaiah 61:10

Joshua is full of life and energy! He rises early and plays hard all day long. He loves playing tee ball and cheering on his beloved Cardinals. During football season, Joshua is pulling for the Vols and the Titans. He is a ball obsessed little guy. He looks up to his Daddy more than anyone else. He just can't seem to get enough of him. Joshua has turned into a little eating champ and will eat anything and everything in sight. He is a big helper around the house and he loves to hear words of praise. He is such a sweet brother to Jackson, but they do have their moments where they like to wrestle around. Joshua has really enjoyed playing with Lego's here lately. He can't wait to watch all of the superhero movies with his Daddy either. Joshua has such a pure heart. I love hearing him pray to God. He looks out for Abby Kate and seems to know exactly what she needs. Joshua is also our silly boy! He gets that from his Daddy! Joshua is a sweet little man who loves to make his Momma and Daddy proud.

Joshua, we are so proud of the young man that you are. God blessed our family with you. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. We can hardly believe that it has already been 6 years since you were born. We want you to remember to "Be strong and courageous and never afraid, the Lord  your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


Lindsey said...

I'm glad they had such a great birthday!! They are so sweet!!!

Work in Progress... said...

I agree with Abby Kate on "Rosie's" for Favorite Restaurant. Smart girl! I can't believe they are already six!!! Hope they both had a fantastic birthday with many more to come!


I can't believe that they are 6, Sunny...that is hard to believe. They are precious! Happy Birthday, Joshua and Abby Kate!
P.S. I love the St. Louis pics, too. Glad ya'll had fun! :)