Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everything Is Green

The other night I washed a load of laundry. This is nothing new. One of my first chores as a teenager was to learn to wash the clothes. I am a little (others might say a lot) OCD! I love to wash clothes and fold them all neatly and perfectly and put them away in a very organized fashion. Early on in our newlywed days, Jason would try to help me wash or fold the clothes, but to this day, I prefer to do the job alone. I'm just a little controlling that way.

Anyways, the other night I was running a load of laundry in anticipation of our trip to Fall Creek Falls (that we just got back from and LOVED - more on that in another post). When it came time to fold the clothes I noticed some green spots on Jason's shirt and I found it a bit odd. Then I noticed that Joshua's jeans had some green spots on them...Abby Kate's new white sweater was also covered in green dots...Joshua's football jersey...Jason's khaki's...the towels...washcloths...socks...pjs... The mess began to get bigger and bigger and I quickly learned that ALL of my clothes in THAT load were colored GREEN!!!!

I quickly sprayed the clothes with shout and washed the load again. Well, tonight I finally got around to taking that load out and it is still.......


What's a girl to do? Any success stories on removing crayon from your clothes?

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Stacy said...

I have washed an orange crayon, only once. I don't remember the details, exactly, but I think I used a Fels Naptha bar (from Publix--Alisha taught me about it) and rubbed it on, then washed in hot water (to melt crayon off...) It was mostly pajamas and t-shirts that I got yucky, so I only really tried to get it out of a few things that mattered. Good luck!