Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2010 Year of Savings

Once again, I am grateful to see another year filled with savings! This year's total is almost a couple hundred short of last year's grand savings total, but I am still pleased. I am still a deal seeking momma and I pride myself on saving our family a lot of money when it comes to our grocery shopping. I love shopping the deals and stocking up on the items that go on sale. I love it that the kids are now all about my coupons and they love shopping with me and asking if I have a coupon for whatever it is that we are buying. 

I've also found that I can save big with the department stores when they have a sale. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with that total. I'm sure that would be a pretty impressive number, though. I actually had to go shopping the other day for clothes. I cannot stand shopping for clothes and trying on so many different things. Let me tell you, my hair was all about the static that comes with this season. Anyways, I was really proud of myself for only looking at the clothes that were on sale. I came away with some incredible bargains and the best part was that I got the majority of it for free using a lot of gift cards that I had been given. I also lucked out and found some church clothes and pajamas for next year on clearance for the boys at Kohl's! I walked away with a savings of over $250!!!

Now that I've proven to myself that I am in fact saving our family money by shopping the sales and using coupons, I will no longer keep a grand total on my blog. However, if I ever come across a deal that I just have to share I will certainly do so!

2010 Savings
Coupons - $2.75 
CVS - $228.23 
Kroger - $384.63 
Publix - $1,018.90
Target - $509.08 
Walgreens - $165.26 
Times Where I Saved More Than I Spent - 18

Total Savings for 2010 - $2,308.85

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    Lindsey said...

    Love it!! I love to coupon and save money, get good deals, etc. Great job!!