Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Miniscule Twenty-Three Cents

I did not set out with an end goal amount in mind when I started documenting my 2009 Savings. However, the final tally shows a savings of $2,499.77. The obsessive part of me really wants to find a way to round up my savings by 23 cents to give me an even $2,500. Jason has even offered to give me a quarter, but in my book, that quarter is not money that I saved in the store on a sale item, so I can't count it in my tally.

If you know anything about me, I'm sure that you know that I LOVE to save money!!! It is such an addiction for me and I find such joy in the savings that I earn! I've become quite compulsive in my quest for savings.

This past year, I decided to document my savings throughout 2009. I started getting my toes wet with savings in 2008, and in 2009 I wanted to really see if my savings were adding up. I am so impressed with my near $2,500 in savings! That number proves to me that my method does work and that I am saving our family a lot of money when it comes to our groceries.

Out of all the stores that I shop at, I have found that I score the best deals at Publix. I used to think that I would be a WalMart shopper for life, but all of that changed this year. Fighting the masses, waiting 20 minutes in line just to check out, fearing for our lives when in the parking lot...all in all, I bet that I have been to WalMart maybe a dozen times in the last year. And for that, I am TRULY thankful!!!

I absolutely love shopping at Publix. It is so much cleaner, smaller, and more helpful. Every time I turn around, we have more coupons from Publix in our mailbox, we get awesome penny item deals weekly, and their bogo offers are tops! Plus, they DOUBLE your coupons (up to 50 cents)! And, they have really nice people that even help you out to your car and load your groceries, while you get your crew of 3 into the van! I shop at Publix weekly! A weekly trip might sound like a lot, but I only buy what is on sale. I then use my coupons, and I come out with a nice weekly savings on my grocery bill.

I have truly enjoyed my frugal finds and seeing just how much money I saved in 2009!

2009 Savings
Coupons - $206.41
CVS - $115.95
Kroger - $409.91
Publix - $1311.86
Target - $238.19
Walgreens - $217.45
Total Savings To Date - $2,499.77
Saved More Than Spent - 35


TARA said...



You're awesome, Sunny! I'm still learning...maybe I'll be as good as you one day. :)

Laura Beth said...

I am very impressed! I still don't understand how you save more than you spend, though. . . I have started couponing and doing BOGO at Publix, and I love it too!!

jasonbybee said...

It's funny to see how compulsive you are about your savings! But don't get me wrong; I'm definitely glad that you're such a savvy shopper!

The HoneaBees said...

That's amazing! I shop at Publix for the exact same reasons. And it's 5 minutes away.
You should share some 'tips' in your spare time! ha

Elizabeth Witt Walters said...

my company is producing a web series with the coupon mom. watch it on her site for tips!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

wowsa. Jamin is now obsessed with coupons as well. I would like to know how well we've done so far!