Friday, January 08, 2010

Snows Days and A Flip

The last two days we have really enjoyed the snow! Abby Kate was a little sad when I shared the news with her that we would be out of school on Thursday. She told me that she just didn't understand why her teacher would close the school after they had just had a long break. I love that she enjoys school so much. She was counting down the days to return to school during the Christmas break. Last night she was a little more excited when I told her that we wouldn't be going to school today either. I actually got a "Woo Hoo" from my little girl.

I think that we lasted about 20 minutes out in the snow, but we sure did have fun while we were out there. We have all enjoyed staying inside and keeping warm with a fire and some hot chocolate. Snow days are few and far between and we have truly enjoyed our time off and being together!

Enjoying the snow!


Abby Kate and Jason

Jason and Jackson

Our frozen koi pond


Abby Kate was so excited to make her snow angel.

Joshua and Jason

Running to slide in the snow.
I love the excitement on Jack's face!

Snow Much Fun!

We also spent the morning playing with a Flip Video camcorder. Here's a little video that I shot of the kids and Jason "sliding" in our yard.


Bowerman Blessed said...

What great pictures! Love them. Looks like the kids and Jason had a blast.

TARA said...

For some reason, your pictures have not been loading on my computer when I pull up your blog. Any suggestions?