Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our Family According to Jackson

Jackson loves anything Dora or Diego! One of his favorite books is a big Dora book that we received as a gift a few years ago. Jackson has found his favorite page and has affectionately placed our family in the story.

Here is our family according to Jackson...

This is PawPaw and Nana

There I am...
The one with the orange shirt and pink pants
The hair is a bit freaky

And there is Sissy with the soccer ball

And Bubba (#9)

And there is "Jack Jack"
We are all there cheering him on as he scores a goal.
But, he is a dinosaur...

And, then there is Daddy...

Jackson LOVES this his Dora book!

I'm just wondering if Jason is the dinosaur on the field, who is that guy sitting beside me?

And, why is Jason a dinosaur?



Too funny! I love kids! Tell Jason that I don't think he looks like a dinosaur. :)

The HoneaBees said...

In order for Jackson to be a dino, there has to be some dino blood somewhere. So, it has to be daddy. He's pretty smart.