Monday, January 11, 2010

Status Updates

I've had my blog for about 3 1/2 years now. I love how my blog is a place for me to journal all of my thoughts and all of the things that are happening in our family. Jason has published part of my blog and there is nothing more that I love than to look back on my blog to remember. It took me forever to get on Facebook, but I finally took that leap a few years ago. I've posted a lot of status updates about the things that the kids say or do. Jason mentioned to me the other night that I should publish some of those on my blog as a way to record them. So, here are some more recent status updates....

My hairbrush went for a swim in the toilet thanks to Jack.

Now the tub of wipes went for a swim in the toilet! I think I need a personal day.

While we were in Atlanta, our water was on full blast in our bathroom. The water company had turned off the water to fix a leak and Jackson turned our bathtub faucet on without us knowing it. So while we were gone for 12 hours, our water ran for 12 hours.

Couldn't help but laugh when Joshua stuck his gum up his nose on the way to church tonight. At least it didn't stick. Things are just never dull around here.

No longer has a ped egg thanks to Jack who flushed it in the toilet.

Accidentally kicked a cup of ketchup onto a woman at McDonald's today. Ketchup went flying all over her table, seat, arms, and her very CLEAN and neatly pressed WHITE shrit!!!!! I was humiliated and didn't have the heart to tell her that it was also in her hair.

Mommy, why do we have boogers?

Joshua is supposed to be napping, but instead he is humming Rocky Top while playing with his Tennessee men.

So, I thought Abby Kate was being sweet to me this morning by telling me that she loved me. When I told her that I love her too, she shot me down. "No mom, I love BUGLES!"

Is excited about taking Jack to his 1st Cardinals game in St. Louis! Joshua can't wait to see Pujols! Abby Kate can't wait to eat cotton candy.

Tonight on the way home from church, Jackson kept asking where the moon was. After hearing Jackson ask over and over again for 10 minutes, Joshua said that maybe he should ask God, because God knows everything.

"Hey mom, there are some beach trees. I guess that the beach is moving closer to us." Joshua's comment on the palm tree that we saw on the way to school this morning.

Cannot believe that Jason changed Jackson in the bed of his pickup this morning at drop off for MMO. Too funny!

Only my child would be the one putting on lip gloss during her eye exam. Not once, but two times!

While watching a little football, Joshua told Abby Kate that cheerleaders don't wear shirts. They like for their belly buttons to stick out.

While getting ready...hey Abby Kate, where is Jackson? "Oh, he's in the bathroom eating toothpaste!"

Joshua is really into spelling words that he sees. This morning I got this..."Hey mom, what does l-i-q-u-o-r spell?"

So three guys sprinted across the field in last night's game, only to be tackled right in front of us by security. Joshua was trying to understand WHY they would do such a thing. He asked me if they were trying to play tag.

And, we can now successfully climb into and out of our crib! Yay for momma!

Got pulled over by the police. Joshua and Abby Kate asked if I was going to tell PawPaw and Nana.

Jackson got his first haircut from his sister!!! Thankfully, he was already scheduled for an appointment this afternoon.

"Momma, why do birds have white poop?" - Abby Kate

Abby Kate's protest to wearing jeans..."But Mom, those jeans just get me into all kinds of hottness!"

Joshua is in bed singing Barbara Ann to himself.

We kept the kids home on Monday to make sure that we got rid of all of our germies. I called Jason to check in on the kids to see if anyone was still running a fever. "Nope, they all have a 95 degree temp." I don't really think that Jason knows how to use the thermometer. I'm home with the kids today and everyone is FEVER FREE!!!

Watched our video from our wedding 10 years ago with Joshua and Abby Kate. I looked over at Abby Kate and she had tears streaming down her face. She is definitely my sensitive little girl. Bless her sweet heart!

Watching Bon Jovi and Jack just turned around and said, "I like this one, momma!"

We just finished putting up the Christmas tree. Abby Kate told me that she was glad that we didn't have a Grinch to take it away.

We must be freezing Joshua out. He is in bed wearing his pajamas, his winter coat, and his hat is pulled up over his head. And all of this is under his covers.

Joshua turned a question in Celebration Station into his own confessional today. "When my mom is not around, my dad and I throw football to each other in the house." They both know that his is the BIGGEST rule of the house!!!!

Throwing baby wipes into the toilet = $450 mistake. Lesson learned! Merry Christmas Baby!!!

Abby Kate and Joshua were talking about the reindeer and who they were related to. Abby Kate asked who Rudolph's wife was, and Joshua told her that he didn't have a wife, "because there was no other red nosed reindeer."

"Hey mom, why don't we give our van away and get a new one that has a dvd player in it? - Joshua

Jack and a blue magic marker vs. the wall in the den

Today in Bible class Joshua picked his nose. Before the teacher could give him a tissue, he wiped it all over the table. When asked why, he said "because that is what my mom does." His teacher said that she was going to ask me about it and then he quickly told her that he was just joking! There is no telling what my kids are saying about me!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! When you put them all together I don't know how you manage!! I guess you could either laugh or cry and lucky for you, it sound like you can just laugh about it all!! Thanks for a good laugh first thing in the morning!

Ashley and Joel said...

Wow! Life is never dull around the Bybee house. I guess that gives me a little glimpse of what I have to look forward to. I think my favorite is that Abby Kate's jeans get her into all kinds of hotness :)

one BleSSed gal! said...

I'm laughing my head off right now =) I wish that I would keep record of the funny things that my kids say. I always say that I'm going to write things down, but then I don't =( Abby Kate's jeans getting her into all kinds of hotness is my favorite. I wish my jeans got me into hotness...but it's just fatness these days!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I love it. We've talked to our kids from early ages about the dangers of smoking, so they are always very inquisative with people who do smoke. A few years ago, Franklin asked one of my nurses if she smoked because he never saw her go outside for "fresh air" (a euphemism for smoke-break) and she said yes, but only at home, never at work. He said he understood, because his mama only smoked at work! The whole staff thought that was hysterical! Where do they get this stuff? Becky Raby