Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 Years and Counting

Joshua is playing t ball for his 4th season this year! He is a Cardinal for his 3rd season! I love how the guys over the league always let Jason have his pick of his team. :)

2008 Cardinals #14

2009 Marlins #9

2010 Cardinals #5

2011 Cardinals #4

I love that Jason has been Joshua's coach since the beginning. Joshua looks up to his Daddy like none other. It has been a blessing for me to watch the two of them interact on the field. 

This year, we are entering our 4th year playing t ball. Joshua is still in love with the game and takes it very seriously. We've tried holding off on the intense competitiveness of the game, but he has figured it all out. He will very proudly tell you that he hit a home run yesterday and even though we don't keep track of outs or runs, he knows all about it. 

And of course, I am one proud momma! I took several pictures yesterday of Joshua's first game. It was a bit overcast, then the sun would shine brightly, and then our game was called after we had a downpour of rain. I can't wait for a nicer weather day to get some really good shots. 

 The cheering section

 Coming in to make a play

 Fielding a hit

 The turn to throw to first

 And the throw

 Joshua made the play and is running to tag the runner out at third.

 Eyes on the base

 Fielding another play at pitcher

 He has the ball and is looking at home to get #3 out at the plate.

 Running to home

 Getting closer

 And Joshua makes the play at home!

Proud little brother!

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