Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bed Time

Jackson has a hard time going to sleep at night ever since we converted his toddler bed to the full size. He likes to have his humidifier running, his lamp on, and his door cracked. If you accidently close his door on your way out, he is instantly in a crying fit. He is always coming up with excuse after excuse to come out of his room and delay bed time. Although, my favorites are when he opens his door and says, "Mom, I love you". Definitely melts my heart.

He likes to play and color and look at books and do anything but lay down to sleep. He also doesn't usually last in his own bed at night. He's made his way into our bed at least the last 15 nights. Poor baby is just too scared to sleep alone, or though he says. I personally think that he is just looking for a little more snuggle time with mom and dad. I know that it won't last forever and I am enjoying it while it does.

These pictures are from a few months back, but I wanted to record the way that I found him playing in bed after putting him down for the night.

And not too much longer after the previous picture was snapped, I walked in and found him tuckered out.

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