Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have not been able to post as much for the past few weeks. My computer has been in the shop and I have been limited to only using Jason's at night when the kids are quietly tucked into bed.

The past few weeks have been crazy! Here's what's been going on...

3 Tuesday's ago - Jason and I visited Dr. Bailey's office for an ultrasound and followed that up with genetic counseling. The ultrasound was inconclusive and we opted for an amnio. We left Bailey's office after 3 hours and grabbed lunch together at Cracker Barrel. Our realtor called and told us about this great house. We meet with our realtor and fell in love with the house she found for us. That night we came home and gave Andy, our cocker spaniel of 6 years, away. I will never forget seeing him leave on his purple leash through our front door. We decided to make an offer on the house and the home owners immediately accepted.

2 Tuesday's ago - Jason and I anxiously awaited our test results from the amnio. We had so many people praying for us. It truly carried us through. We were pleased and relieved to only hear GOOD NEWS from Dr. Bailey. We placed our house on the market to sell.

1 Tuesday ago - We accepted an offer on our house. Our house sold in one week.

Everything in between - Showing of the house, Home Inspection (in which the guy only showed up an hour and fifteen minutes early for), Termite Bond, Appraisal, Countless phone calls, etc. This is only the beginning.

Today - Everything is set in motion for us to close on our house and buy the other one at the end of the month. Hopefully everything will come together and we will be moving at the end of the month.

Me - Just a little stressed!

Here's a picture of our new house!


Jason said...

Your post puts all of this in perspective. I didn't realize how stressful our Tuesdays had been for the past month! I'm glad today was pretty uneventful!

laura said...

Yea! Congrats. It is beautiful and where is it? Let us know how we can help.

alice said...

Gorgeous house. Congratulations! You've had many of life's most stressful events all packed into a few weeks. I hope you have peaceful times ahead. I keep meaning to call you but my son has decided he doesn't want to nap very often anymore.

Jamey said...

wow sunny! the house is beautiful!

Lucy P said...

Wow--what a month! So excited for your new house and all the many things happening in your life! Have a great weekend at Winterfest!

Tracy said...

Girl you amaze me! What a wild month! There is so much to respond to from this one post!

First, I want to say how excited and jealous I am of you guys that your house sold in 1 week! Seriously, you guys are so blessed when it comes to real estate!

Second, I am so sorry that I haven't been doing a better job keeping up with you about the baby. I really take bloglines for granted on my blog reading and my prayer is seperate from reading blogs so these 2 don't collide often enough. I miss talking to you on the phone more regularly! All that to say that I am so grateful (and knew!!) that everything was OK with your baby!

Enjoy all those kicks and rolls; I know you are. Sometimes I really miss that.

Love you ALL!