Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lane Changes

I am amazed at the horrible and careless drivers that I am sharing the road with. It seems that every time I get behind the wheel of the van, I have to watch out for all of the crazy drivers. The other night on the way to church, I was hitting "rush hour" traffic on Research Park. It always bottlenecks down to one lane that merges onto I-565. The guy that was driving in front of me was trying to "merge" his way into the right lane (as well as all of the other cars behind him). Unfortunately, the traffic in the right lane was pretty thick, so instead of driving slowly on ahead, he decided to come to a COMPLETE stop in the middle of the road! I had to slam on my brakes and pray that the other cars behind me would not hit my van. That same night, another car did the exact same thing while merging into another lane of traffic. Yesterday the man driving beside me swerved all the way onto the shoulder of the interstate because he was talking on his phone! I wish that these drivers were more aware of the other cars that they are sharing the road with.

Tomorrow Joshua and Abby Kate start preschool. They are so excited! They have been asking every day to go to school. I will post soon about their first day.

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