Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our Day at the Park

Abby Kate feeding the ducks.

Joshua throwing bread to the ducks. (He actually hit some of the ducks with the bread.)

Our 1st popsicle! Thanks for sharing Lawson.

Joshua and Abby Kate fell asleep on the ride home.

Jackson was wide awake when we got home.


Jason said...

That was such a fun afternoon (despite the oppressive heat!). It was fun watching the kids throw bread at the ducks. I think Joshua gave that one duck a concussion! Fun stuff!

Stacy said...

Yes, it was hot! I laughed at the kids RED faces in the popsicle picture!

I can't believe BOTH of your kids fell asleep! ;)

I CAN believe the baby was awake! Babies never go with the flow-they always have their own agenda!!

Fun times!!!

Jamey said...

You can tell they played hard!