Friday, August 03, 2007

Preschool and Dental Appointments

On Wednesday, Joshua and Abby Kate started preschool. They are at the same school that Jason and I taught at when we first moved to Huntsville. We are so thrilled to have them there. While saying her prayers Tuesday night, Abby Kate thanked God for her teacher. She got a little too excited about the "Ark" and could hardly wait to see it the following morning. Both Joshua and Abby Kate woke up Wednesday morning ready to head off to school. Joshua got so excited when I turned on the road that led to their preschool. They both had a great first day. Jackson got to spend the whole morning with just me.

Later that afternoon, Joshua and Abby Kate went to the dentist. They did so well! It really is amazing to see the difference 6 months makes. At their last visit, it was all the ladies could do to just get them to open their mouths to count their teeth. They each had to sit in my lap and when they saw the dentist, they wanted nothing to do with him. Wednesday afternoon was completely different! They were each placed in a room (side by side), while I waited out in the hallway. They were both so eager to talk with the ladies and sit in the "big" chair. Joshua and Abby Kate sat very patiently while their teeth were cleaned and flossed. They opened really wide when the dentist came in. They were so good and seemed so proud of themselves.

I can hardly believe that I have three year old twins. My life has been so blessed by these two. I am so thankful that God saw fit to bless us with one more. I have a wonderful husband that I love dearly. I hope and pray that I can be the wife and mother that my husband and children need and deserve.


Jason said...

You are.

Jamey said...

I'm glad they're enjoying school! It must make your heart happy to see them so happy. They're growing up!

Stacy said...

I was going to go back and comment on all the posts I missed while we were out of commission, but you have been on a blogging marathon, and I don't have time to make twenty comments!!! Sooo...
1. Cute picture of Jackson! I don't really like the hat either, Jason, but the baby's what matters, right?!
2. I'm sorry you were feeling so sick, and I hope you're feeling better! Glad we haven't been hanging out, then, b/c my kids would have made your kids sick and you would've been even more miserable!
3. Jon gets mad at Huntsville drivers every day. He yells outloud in the car at them. I hope our kids don't start doing that too!
4. I can't believe it's already time to send the kids to preschool! Time flies! Before we know it we're gonna be crying on Senior Sunday! Oh, hush, Stacy...terrible thoughts!
5. You are an amazing wife and mom. I watch you in awe!

Sunny said...

You're too sweet Stacy!

Amy said...

Starting preschool is a big deal! I'm glad they are doing so well. And, I can tell you are a great wife and mom - your blog encourages me to pray the same prayer for my family.

We hold an important role even though it is very much behind the scenes.


Joshua and Abby Kate are getting so big! I feel like we were just at the hospital waiting for their birth. Hard to believe they are 3 and you have another one. :) They are so cute, though! Glad school is going good for them and that you get some alone time with the baby. I'm sure you're enjoying that quality time with one baby. Hope the dentist was nice, too. :) I've heard good things about him. Ha!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I can't believe you have three year old twins either! they are so cute! its awesome that they were so excited ab school and the dentist. ;)

Stacy said...

Anna, You're funny! ;)

laura said...

Sunny, just catching up from being gone. Like stacy will post just this once.
1) They are so cute. Heard great things already from their teacher. May had her and we loved her.
2) Drivers, don't get me started. We followed this man in Destin (not sure if drunk or sleeping) and I couldn't find the number to call in non emergency while I was driving or I would have. Jamie was a nervous wreck. We turned on our street to the condo and she said "home, I do not want to see anything like that again, and this man pulls out in front of us and another car right behind him. I had to almost stop to keep from hitting second car. She could not believe it. Crazy drivers.
3. Sorry about not feeling good. They were talking about how bad the air quality is right now and for the asthma and copd patients to beware. So probably what made you feel bad.
4. Yes, Stacy Senior Sunday will be here sooner then you think.
5. Keep the pics coming.

laura said...

Sunny, I almost called you to see who youall used but Kent remembered who we had used before. They were decent even though it took them two tries. I do remember when yours went out last year.

Tracy said...

I wish we had a similar dentist experience last week. Cassie was still awful and terrified and all we accomplished was the dentist looking at her teeth, with bite guards in place and fully restrained on top of me.

Is this the same preschool they went to last year?

Your family is so sweet!

Sunny said...

Too funny Tracy!

No, its a new preschool. Its the one that Jason and I use to work at when we first moved to Huntsville. It's a full day program (8:00 - 2:45).