Thursday, January 31, 2008

Abby Kate at 42 Months

My favorite color is pink!

I love helping mommy with baby Jackson: I get his diapers and wipes, I put his passy in his mouth when he needs it, I play with him and make him laugh, I bring him new toys when he needs one. I also love to hold him.

I know all of my days of the week.

I love having my fingernails and toenails painted.

I am a girly girl.

I have to have things done a certain way or I lose it!

I love watching Dora.

I love coloring and playing with stickers and playdoh.

I love talking on the phone.

My favorite restaurant is McAlister's Deli. I always get a toasted cheese sandwich with cheetos.

I love it when Mommy shares her sweet tea with me.

I love to read books. I make up my own stories to go with them.

I can count to 25.

I know my ABC's.

I plan my birthday party every day.

I love drawing.

I love to eat peaches and applesauce.

I love going to ballgames with my Daddy and my brother.

I love going to the mall.

I am very organized.

I love sleeping in my Princess tent.

I have a really great memory.

I love to swing.

I love all things Princess!

I love to sing.

I love listening to my Bible songs.

I love wearing piggy tails.

I love seeing my PawPaw and Nana.

I love working puzzles.

I like to go to the library.

I love going to church.

I like to help feed Jackson his baby food. I love giving him cheerios and puffs and when Mommy will let me, I will feed him his food on a spoon. I'm always interested in knowing the color of his spoon.

I love to sit in people's laps and cuddle.

I am a pack rat. Big Time!

I love playing dress up.

My favorite movie is "Cars".

I love to wear my "dressy" coat.

I love chocolate.

I love to copy my teachers. ("Ms. Milam's class line up.")

Every night I pray for just about everybody I know.

I love all of the big girls that I look up to: Ashley, Elizabeth, Haley, and Holly.

I love playing in my kitchen.



That's such a cute picture of her! She's getting so big and turning into a little girl. :) Hard to believe.

Jess said...

Your children are just beautiful!!! Your poem to God about One Year Later really touched my soul. Thank you for sharing that!

Amy said...

Abby Kate reminds me so much of my girls at that age. Glad to see she is a girly girl even being in the minority!

I had to laugh at the toasted cheese sandwich and cheetos. Two of my girls are all about cheese also.

Corey & Alisha said...

I enjoyed reading all about Abby Kate & Joshua at this stage. It gives us something new to look forward to with Will. We are also very thankful for Mr. Jackson and the blessing that he is to all of us. You guys are so blessed!