Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First Year With Jackson

I can hardly believe that we just celebrated our baby boy's FIRST birthday! This past year has been so wonderful. I am so thankful that God blessed us with Jackson. He has brought us all such happiness and "peace". Jack is, by far, the best little baby! After going through another high risk pregnancy, we were so pleased to have our little baby in our arms.

This past year has been filled with so many precious memories. I am so happy that I was able to feed Jackson for the first year of his life. (He did stop one week short of his first birthday, but I'm calling it a year.) Jackson is our last baby. Because of this, I have soaked up each and every moment. I know that each little hardship along the way is short lived. That is how I have viewed the screaming car rides, the non-stop feedings through a growth spurt, and the teething pain. If he cried, I picked him up. (Yes, he does know how to self-soothe and "cry it out", but if I could have avoided that, then I did). I don't feel like I spoiled my baby during his first year, I feel like I gave him the comfort and security that I could when he needed it.

I have loved watching the way that Jackson interacts with Joshua and Abby Kate. It has been so sweet and special. He thinks the world of them and they are so sweet to love on him. Abby Kate has always been so gentle with Jackson. She plays the "mother" role pretty well. She cannot stand for Jackson to be upset and she will come and get me at a moments notice. Joshua is "Jack-Jack's" rough and tough play buddy. They sure do have some fun times together, but there are those other times that usually end up in a time out for Joshua.

I have loved watching Jackson's personality develop over these past twelve months. He is so independent and determined. He is my snuggle buddy and cuddle bug. He loves to make messes and he will recreate it the moment that I put it all back. Jack always has a smile to share. My favorite smiles are the ones that occur behind his pacy. You can always tell that he is smiling by looking at his eyes. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen. I love the way that he gently claps his hands and his peek-a-boo. I love how he "dances" to music. I love how he has started imitating the ways that we talk or the things that we do. Just the other day, he imitated Jason's nose blowing. I love to hear Jack's deep belly laugh! I love dressing him in blue (I think that it is "his color"). He has started saying "hi". I love that he says it over and over again. I am so proud to have a big eater. He has taken a liking to ice cream over the past couple of days. He loves to play with cell phones, pens, keys, and remotes - anything of mine or Jason's. He does not like to have anything taken away from him and will usually scream or cry BIG tears if it does. I absolutely love every little thing about my little man!

I am so thankful for all of the family and friends that have been there to love on our baby. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by the family and friends that we have. They truly accept us and love our children as if they were their own.

God truly "has been gracious" in blessing us with our Jackson Cash!


Supabloggasuprememama said...

I know it must've been so frightening for you, experiencing another scare the second time! bless you! what a wonderful little man he is becoming! its certainly amazing how they all have their own personalities! love that pic, as well. happy birthday jackson!


What a sweet boy and what a blessing he is to you and all who know him! He is a cutie pie and a little flirt! :) It's so hard to believe that he is already one!

chesley said...

I love what you wrote. He seems like a really happy little guy!