Saturday, June 07, 2008

While Daddy Was Gone...

*I will warn you now - this is long. You can tell by reading this that I have been a little too consumed with all things kids.*

Jason finally comes home today! I am so thrilled! 8 days is a very long time to fly solo. My week started off pretty well. After going to bed at 12:00 AM, Jason woke up Saturday morning at 3:00 AM to ride down to the airport for his flight. Because of the plane crash, the Tegucigalpa airport was closed. The mission team had to fly into another location in Honduras and after their arrival that Saturday night, they finally arrived at their destination at 5:00 AM Sunday morning!

Saturday morning Joshua had a tee ball game at 9:00. He did great! He slides into EVERY base. Totally cracks me up. After getting all hot and sweaty, we headed home and spent the rest of the day outside.

Sunday was a bit hectic. It always is when you are trying to get 3 kids dressed and fed (oh, and you've got to find some time in there to take care of getting yourself dressed and fed). I am happy to report that we made it to church on time and I had lots of helpful hands.

On Monday, we spent most of our day outside. In my spare time (HA HA), I managed to get some of my class assignments done. I still find it hard to believe that I am taking a college class. So far, I've had to create a power point presentation about myself, state an article that I will be critiquing in the next few weeks (after searching for the article), read (via power point since they were out of my class textbook at all of the campus bookstores) the chapters required for the week, write a response, respond to 2 other student's responses, work on an assignment for defending the benefits of cooperative learning, attend an orientation at the school that I will be doing field observations at, and I will be attending class this evening for 2 hours. I am only 2 weeks into it, but here's hoping! :)

Tuesday our church had a preschool play date scheduled at the downtown park. We played, looked at the fish, fed the ducks, and ate a picnic lunch. My friend, Amy, and her boys were there and we had a fun time with them. When I was getting the kids out of the van, the ducks started walking up to us. Abby Kate and Jackson were just fine looking at the ducks, but Joshua absolutely flipped out!!! He started screaming and trying to climb back into the van. When I insisted that he join us and closed the van door, I seriously thought the boy was going to run out into the road. He spent the first part of our park excursion in the giant gazebo hiding from the ducks. (Now this is the SAME park that we went to last year a few weeks after Jackson's birth that he could not get enough of).

On Wednesday, I met up with Amy at the movie theater. Jackson got to visit with one of my good friends while we were at the movies. Our regal cinema has free summer movies at 10:00 AM all summer long. The kids were really excited to be going. I did not have to pay for the movie, but the kids did want some popcorn (at 10:00 AM). I got tickled at Joshua yet again. While standing in line, Joshua started yelling that his tummy was scared. Apparently he was really terrified of the crowd that was around us. After the movie was over, Joshua took off running out of the theater - without ME! The theater held about 300 people and he ran off into the hallway of the theater. We had a SERIOUS talk about his running off! Abby Kate had not even put on her shoes and he was clearly out the door. Scared me silly, so I had to scare him! We grabbed lunch out at Chick-Fil-A and then headed home for our naps. Later that afternoon, I felt really cold and started getting the chills. I checked to see if I had a fever because I knew that with the heat there should be no reason for having chills. Sure enough, I had a fever and it just kept climbing all through the night. We missed church because I did not want to chance "spreading" whatever it was that I had.

My fever finally broke on Thursday morning, but my chest had been hurting all night long. Since I was still running a fever (had been for 17 hours) and my chest had hurt me all through the night, I decided to put in a call to my doctor's office. Turns out that the asthma that I had last year is back! About a week ago, I told Jason that my breathing felt the same way that it did about this time last summer. Apparently I am allergic to something and this is the way that my body decides to react to it. I am now taking 2 inhalers and I can use my nebulizer for breathing treatments. I will go back to see the doctor in a few weeks and we will discuss what needs to happen next. I really don't know how people deal with asthma that have it all the time. I feel like I am having the hardest time breathing. I cannot imagine feeling like this all the time. The crazy thing is that I went to see the doctor about this very same thing last year - on the exact same day (June 5th). It is really kind of freaky! That afternoon I was able to get in a nap, but after waking up my fever came back.

Can I just tell you that I have the best friends ever! I have received so many phone calls and emails from my friends that are just checking in on me. I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed I feel. It is so hard having to be a mommy to 3 small children all by yourself. Whenever you are sick, it becomes even more difficult. My friends have been there for me and I truly appreciate each and everyone of them! Yesterday, my friend, Stacy, came by to take all 3 of my kids for the afternoon and night. They all (5 kids and 2 adults) had one big sleepover so that I could get some much needed rest.

I'm sorry that this turned out to be so long. Here are some pictures from the park the other day and at dinner the other night.

Abby Kate and Ryan feeding the ducks (or goose/geese - whichever you prefer)

Joshua and Michael looking at the fish from the bridge

Michael, Joshua and Ryan

I found Jackson sleeping like this the other night, so I had to take a picture


Stefanie said...

OK, so you make my crazy life seem easy now. I hope you get to feeling better. I know when Trenton has his asthma attacks it scares me so I know this had to scare you. At least now they have some good meds that can help you with this and hopefully give you a little relief.

Jess said...

You are such a brave, wonderful, strong woman and mother! Sounds like you could use a weekend at the closest spa! (In your dreams, at least?).
Zach has asthma too. It's tough, especially during allergy season. Hang in there. I hope you can get the help and relief you need to get back on your feet!

Laura said...

Sunny, I am so sad. We had every intention of coming to Joshua's game but did not get to make it. Worked for Jacquie this week and had very stressful days at work. Then I found out Thurs that my aunt and her husband were coming. So sorry you were sick and we did not know. Jamie wants to come to tball game this week before she leaves next Sat. for 5 weeks in Baja. So hopefully we will be there this week. Glad you are better.

Collegegirl said...

What a week and one day you had. I understand asthma since I have it and allergies! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Hope the meds help and the yucky asthma stays away!

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

So VERY sorry that you have been so sick. I wish I would have known and I would have surely brought some dinner over or something. I hope that it is getting better now and that things will calm down a little for you. I continue to be amazed by all of the wonderful examples around me of such strong and wonderful moms who are takin names and kickin behind in all that they do such as juggling multiple kids while sick with hubbies at work and takin class!!!! WHEW!!!

Alisha said...

I am so glad that your crazy week is over. You were such a trooper to handle everything the way that you did. Sorry I haven't been much help. I find myself barely surviving 2 kids right now. *Thanks for our talk this morning. It really helps to know that I am not losing my mind. : )

chesley said...

So sorry you've been sick! I can only imagine how being home with all 3 and feeling so bad must have been! I joke that I can only handle 1 kid at a time, but really I'm pretty serious and that's when I'm feeling good!

Amy said...

Your children are beautiful - can't believe how grown up Abby Kate is looking!

I hope you are feeling better now. So sorry you were sick while Jason was gone. You had quite a hectic 8 days flying solo!

Amy said...

Oh, and reading about your class makes me happy to not be in one right now. :)

At least you only have to take one or two, right?

Brooke said...

I honestly don't know if I could handle being by myself for that long of time. I guess I'm a big chicken and I call for help easily! You are one strong mommy and GO StACY for helping out!! What a great friend!


I feel so bad that I didn't know everything that was going on with you being sick and all earlier. I would've helped more with the kids. Thank goodness for Stacy! She is a trooper! :) Please know that you can drop your kiddos off over here anytime. I'm serious. What's a few more? I'm glad you made it through the week. I think you need a trip for just you now. :) Maybe a girl's trip??? :)