Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It seems as if my life is on repeat right now. I guess that it is just the week that I am having, but I am having to repeat everything right now.

It all started with a call to reschedule an appointment yesterday. I had already made arrangements with my friend to take the kids, so I had to rework that up with her yesterday afternoon after getting my new appointment date. Then, after leaving one of my kids with my friend, I made it on time to my next appointment for the day. After finally sitting down, I was kindly informed that my appointment was actually not that day, but the next (meaning today). When I pulled out my appointment card that had that day's date on it, they kindly told me that someone had just made a mistake and written down the wrong date and could I come back again tomorrow (meaning today). Just a few minutes ago I got an email from my photo lab telling me that my order had been canceled. When I called to inquire, they kindly told me that they thought the order was a duplicate one and deleted it. Only, I could not just resend the order, I had to go and take the next 20 minutes to resubmit my order. (And that was actually the 3rd time resending it since it didn't go through the first time a few weeks ago either).

I am getting a little tired of having to do things over and over again. It doesn't help that my kids are at that great stage of asking me the same thing over and over again either. It is no easy task to find the time to create a picture order only to have it canceled. It is hard enough to find a friend willing to keep my kids while I go to an appointment only to be told that I showed up on the wrong date. And it is no easy task setting up your week around another appointment only to have it rescheduled for another day. I have 3 kids and I am just trying my best to get things done.

Now that I have vented, it's time to move on and enjoy the journey! Thanks for letting me share! :)


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chesley said...

That's so frustrating! Are picture orders not the hardest things in the world to sit down and do?! That's actually what I'm doing right now.

kyllie said...

I hope you got your pictures ordered(hopefully for the last time!)and that you are having a better day today! :)