Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards Past

I've been working on a Christmas Card Scrapbook these past few days. I'm hoping to add to this each year. I've really enjoyed looking back over some of our Christmas cards and remembering the stories that made each year so special and meaningful.

"Merry Christmas from The You Know Whos"
This is the year that Jim Carrey's version of the Dr. Seuss', "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" hit the theaters. I don't really remember what possessed us to paint Jason's face green, but it was quite hysterical! A dear friend of ours in Kingsport took this picture for us in her home.

"Fleece Navidad"
Jason and I found Andy a fleece jacket while shopping in Gatlinburg earlier that year. I think that we decided in the store that we would make this Christmas card. Our friends Corey and Alisha took this picture for us on their property after we had moved from Kingsport.

This is my favorite picture of Jason and me. The reason - we were pregnant with TWINS, and we had no idea! Corey and Alisha took this picture for us. It was so cold outside and we tried just about every kind of pose to get that perfect picture with our Andy.

Our First Christmas with Joshua and Abby Kate
A close friend of ours from church gave the kids these Santa hats. We put the two of them in just about every kind of pose imaginable to get that "one" picture for the card.

This was the year that Jason and I WORKED to capture the perfect Christmas picture. We shot some at the house, some at Opryland, we shot on more than one day... We never got a picture of the two of them together that would work. Joshua's picture is at our house and Abby Kate's picture is at Opryland. A couple of days before we headed up to Opryland, Abby Kate fell and scabbed up her face. It seems like that kind of stuff always happens before a picture.

While at Opryland, we had the kids sitting together on a bench. I was just about to snap "the" picture, when this older lady came up and began doting all over the kids. She was the one that got "the" picture that night with her camera!

Early that September, we had vacationed in Gulf Shores with my parents. We had gone to the beach the previous year, only to be evacuated because of Katrina. This was the best beach trip. We all have so many wonderful memories of our time together at the beach. We announced to our families at Thanksgiving that we were expecting another baby!

We joyously welcomed Jackson into our family in 2007. This year, I took the year off and headed over to Portrait Innovation. They did all of the work and we got a great picture!

This year is filled with so much wonder, awe, and excitement. The children are so excited about Christmas and all of the traditions that we are making as a family. God has truly blessed our lives with three beautiful children.


Kelli said...

I ran into your blog by accident and just wanted to say hi! Those kids are adorable! I saw that you mentioned Gulf Shores...I don't live too far from there. Have a Merry Christmas and God bless!

andersons said...

Great Post!!!

Stacy said...

Cute cards! What amazes me is not the cute cards, though, but rather that you have your cards made, addressed and sent by the first week in Dec every year! I never even start christmas cards until after Lawson's birthday!!! :)

Jason said...

I can't believe I painted my face green for that picture.

And why no 2001 picture?


I love looking back at old pictures! I remember all of those...except the early ones of you and Jason. It's crazy how much your kids have changed in such a short time! I'm impressed you're making a scrapbook for all of your cards. I've been wanting to find something to put mine all in in order. Are you just using a regular scrapbook for them?

Jess said...

Sunny, I love the post with the cards. I'm so glad you explained Jason's green face on the first one...I saw it and couldn't quite figure it out...then read what you wrote and thought it was hilarious! You all are so much fun. I need your ability to organize and make scrapbooks. I have a huge box of momentos and don't know where to start!!! I probably need to go to a scrapbooking party so I can get going. I'm just overwhelmed with all the I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment!

Following Him said...

ADORABLE post!!! All of your three children are BEAUTIFUL...even the boys :)

chesley said...

How cute! We never sent cards w/our picture pre Grant...but then we were only married 1 Christmas before him seeing how he was born 9 1/2 months after we got married. I was thinking the other day that I wanted to do something with each year's cards. Love that your doing a scrapbook!

Joy said...

You are blessed! Your kids are so cute. I love your family history in cards. I'm still so impressed (OK maybe more appropriately said, envious) of how you got such a great picture of all 3!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

well aren't you just so organized! I couldnt find my old ones if my life depended on it. the first one cracked me up!