Friday, December 05, 2008

A Few Little Snapshots

Just a few snapshots from the past couple of weeks of life at the Bybee house!

Abby Kate catching up on her sleep!
She sat down in the chair the other day and within a few minutes, she was sound asleep.


Joshua as "Star Wars"
Joshua loves dressing up. The other day he told me that he was going to be "Star Wars". He pulled out Jason's old Star Wars tee and proudly smiled for the camera with his light saber. Only moments before he had been a police officer.

Finding new ways of exploration
This is Jack's newest thing. He will get out the stool, the rocking chairs and the kitchen chairs and pull them over to where he needs them to go. Today he used his rocking chair to get into his dresser drawers to pull out all of his pacies. He sure is a smart one!

Abby Kate modeling some "big" sunglasses

Joshua wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

Our Christmas tree

My new favorite Christmas decoration!
I picked this up while out shopping with my mom a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it!

My beautiful poinsettia
Jason surprised me yesterday evening by walking in with the most gorgeous red poinsettia. He does so much for me and the kids and I am so thankful! He is the best!


kyllie said...

Cute pictures!!! I LOVE the gingerbread house!

Stacy said...

Those sunglasses crack me up! And, what does Jack have on his feet in the rocking chair? Slippers? Boots? They look cute, whatever they are! :)

Jordan pushes our Sit and Spin around the kitchen and stands up on the round handle part to reach onto the counters! It's so frustrating when you think you put things out of their reach then they suddenly 'grow' a foot or two!!!

I feel bad for Lawson that he has no idea what Star Wars is...maybe I am causing him to be culturally delayed, but I just CANNOT bring myself to watch that mess...even if the rest of the world does love it! :)

Jason said...

I'm glad you liked the poinsettia!


Such cute pictures! I can't believe how big Jackson is and how much he is able to do now. Noah is quite the explorer, too, so I can relate. :) Love your Christmas tree and the little Gingerbread house. I love stuff that's personal with our names on it!

Tracy said...

OK, I had to do a double-take at Abby Kate - I can't believe how big they are!! MY WORD!! I still think of them as being tiny. Weird, I know.

And I love that Gingerbread house too! I want one!!

alice said...

I love reading your blog!

Fran said...

In the picture where she is asleep, Abby Kate really looks like Jason. It's the first time I haven't thought of her as a carbon copy of her mom! You certainly have your hands full with those three precious kiddos!!!