Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jackson at Eighteen Months

Jackson Cash
21.6 pounds, 31 inches

I am saying a lot. Momma's counted around 30 words. My new words are bag, water (wawa), socks (ocks), shoes (goos), elmo (ooo), night night, Joshua (jaja), oh, no, uh oh, head, ears, key, belly (bebee), poop (poo), all done, bread, Ollie (ah-yah), and many more. I repeat everything that I hear.

I know that Santa says, "Ho Ho Ho".

When I hear a horn honk, I say, "Uh, oh".

I was completely terrified of the doctor this past visit.

I love taking off my shoes and socks while riding in the van.

I know where my head, ears, mouth, eyes and belly are.

I can follow and obey simple commands.

I love feeding myself. I especially love using my spoon and fork.

I am finally eating solids!

I love any and all things chocolate.

I love to sing. Really loudly!

I'm not too interested in my toys. I would much rather run, climb and explore.

I love playing phone.

When I get upset, I tighten my fists and shake. I also like to stomp and run away. It always makes Momma and Daddy laugh.

I love playing with the light switches, chairs, doors, cabinets, and the bath faucets. I sure do keep Momma on her toes!

When my diaper is dirty, I say, "poo".

I finally named my burp cloth. It is my "night night" and I absolutely love it!

I love scribbling with crayons. I color with my left hand.

My mom and dad can't keep me off of the table and out of the chairs or stools.


Following Him said...

Happy 18 months Jackson. Love the shirt by the way :)

-Lane said...

Should it concern me that our 6 month old daughter is already 19 pounds???

chesley said...

he's precious! sounds like a handful. he and claire would be dangerous together!

Jess said...

Time sure does fly. 1 1/2 years old! Happy 18 months! He's adorable! It sounds like he and Aidan have a lot in common (climbing, crawling up, and getting into things.) It's great exercise but you don't rest even when they are asleep!!! But they are so full of joy! What a blessing!

Sunny said...

Lane, I guess that we just grow them small around here. Jack is only in the 3rd percentile for his weight and the 10th for his height.