Monday, March 02, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Abby Kate and I were able to enjoy some girl time this weekend. We had the best time together; just the two of us. Friday night we attempted to go to the circus. I had been working the consignment sale all day and had asked Jason a couple of different times if I should have him order us tickets online, but he said that we should be fine. Before we headed out Friday night, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and found ourselves sitting in traffic to enter the parking garage for about 30 minutes. When I paid to park, I asked the lady taking my money if she had heard if they were sold out or not. She said that they had been sold out for quite awhile now and handed me back my money. I felt really bad for Abby Kate and told her that we would definitely come back. Since the circus was out, she told me that she wanted to go to the mall. We shopped around for a little while and stopped off at Claire's to buy some rings that Abby Kate had picked out. We sat down and ate a little ice cream and then she played until it was time to head home.

Friday Night

Trying on the latest fashion at Claire's!

Fortunately, I was able to find tickets to the Sunday afternoon show. Abby Kate and I had the best time together at the circus. She loved seeing the tigers, and I loved the elephants. I have to admit, I really did not know WHAT to expect. I did not expect to be sitting there in fear for the performers. It was pretty amazing, but I found it a bit BUSY!!! If the boys ever want to go to the circus, I think that Jason will have to take them. I enjoyed it, but don't think that I will ever go back. For now, I will stick with the zoo and the aquarium. :)

After the circus, Abby Kate and I enjoyed a nice meal at Olive Garden. I had so much fun sitting across from my beautiful little girl and talking with her. She is growing up so fast. I am so thankful for the memories that we shared on our Girls' Night Out.

I loved how they held onto each others tail.

At the circus!

Such a happy little girl!

More elephants!

Oh, did you notice the new glasses? I went to see my good friend, Jennifer the other day and found out that I needed glasses for my eye stigmatisms. I'm still trying to get used to them, but I am loving not having headaches anymore. Before I started wearing my glasses, I was having (at least) 5 headaches a week. Now, I think that I've had about 1 headache each week. I guess that those 5 years of not getting my eyes checked really caught up with me.


Jamey said...

You picked really nice frames for your glasses; they compliment your face!

Your circus looks much more exciting than our circus...we only had one was big, but only one. :(

I'm glad you had fun girl time with Abby Kate. Those are such fun memories to trasure.

kyllie said...

I'm so glad you and Abby Kate got to have a night out! I know she will remember those nights out with her mom :)

We were at the circus Sunday afternoon too! And I have to agree, it was definitely busy! It was Sara's first time too, and I had no idea what to expect, and she loved it! I had more fun watching her than the performers.


Like the glasses, Sunny...they look great! I'm glad you and Abby Kate had a fun mom/daughter weekend...even though your plans for Friday got changed a little. Maybe it worked out got more time together than you had planned on. :) We decided to wait a year or two for the circus. I was thinking it might be a little busy (and too much) to try to handle 3 two year olds during it. We're doing Playhouse Disney in March instead...I think they'll love it! Glad ya'll had fun! Missed you at the retreat. :)

Laura Beth said...

That's so sweet to get to have a night(s) out! Something for me to look forward to . . . :)

I like the new glasses, too! They look great!

TARA said...

Glad you are making memories with your daughter. Before you can blink - she will be too grown up.

I'm on my 5th month in this pair of 2 week disposable contacts. I really need an exam myself!

Joy said...

something to look forward to...nights out with my girl :) glad you & AK had a fun weekend! i always love when i get to spend one-on-one time with any of my kids. LOVE your new glasses...they look great on you!

Fran said...


I just found you thanks to Jason! What fun - I have great memories of special mother - daughter outings with my girls. Abby Kate is such a doll! She is growing up way too fast!

Love the new glasses! Glad they are cutting down on headaches.

Stefanie said...

I love the new glasses, they look great on you. I am so glad that you got a little one-on-one time with Abby Kate. The circus looked fun, but we are still waiting to take the boys. Maybe next year we will attempt that trip.

chesley said...

so fun to enjoy one at a time every now & then. i love doing that with grant & can't wait until claire is big enought to enjoy 1 on 1 time too. love your glasses!

Laura said...

Sunny, I am so glad you found tickets. I know Abby Kate was so excited. Looks like you all had fun at Claire's too. Just the first of many shopping trips. Glad you had fun.