Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Passionate Child

When Abby Kate was only a few days old, Jason and I were told of the "fight" our little girl had in her. My child proved her strong willingness at the tender young age of 5 months. Abby Kate has spent the last 4 years showing us her "fight". She is my passionate child.

Last night before heading out to Bunco, I was helping Jason get the kids bathed and their clothes picked out for today. Yesterday, the weather was just perfect with an 80 degree temperature and a slight breeze. We spent the majority of our day outside in shorts and short sleeved tops. I had heard that the weather was supposed to get cooler toward the end of the week, so I helped the kids pick out their clothes for the next day. Joshua and Abby Kate picked out a short sleeved shirt with pants.

Before going to bed, Jason checked the weather for me and found out that the temperature was going to be a little cooler than I had thought. We decided that the kids probably needed to wear long sleeves and a light jacket in the morning. Well, I had to break the news to my dear sweet Abby Kate this morning. I knew exactly how she would react. I knew that she would spend the next 40 minutes having a melt down. And that is exactly what she did. Lots of tears were shed, lots of questions were asked, and a little attitude came out of my sweet baby girl's mouth.

Yes, Abby Kate has a lot of "fight". Her battles always last 40 minutes. She can hold a grudge like no one else. She is stubborn. She is strong willed. She is full of passion. She is full of life. She is full of determination. She is definitely my passionate child.

It is my prayer that I can shape her will and protect her sweet spirit.



Man handle her passionate spirit just right! It's amazing to me that babies come into this world with their little personalities and temperaments. Mine are the same way...they still have the same temperaments that they did when they were babies..they're just bigger now. :) Abby Kate is such a blessing, though, and God can use that passion to do a lot of good things through her!

Jason said...

I appreciate your encouragement, Anna. I'm sure Sunny appreciates knowing that someone else is right there in the thick of things, too!

And, Sunny, I want to agree with Anna; you handle her with a great balance of firmness and tenderness. I think it's really special the relationship the two of you have.

Jess said...

My daugther is also my passionate child...extremely stubborn and likes things her way with a strong will only God can handle. I figure that God can certainly use her to do His will. Won't it be wonderful to see our daughters stand firm in their faith and fixed with their eyes on God! (Funny how they were both fighters in the NICU...)

Ashley and Joel said...

I have been told that I was the same way when I was little, and I am pretty sure that I haven't completely grown out of it. Just like Abby Kate, I had a huge clothes fit this morning because I have already put spring clothes in my closet and I didn't want to put on a sweater!

Alisha said...

It is amazing how they are just born with their own little temperaments and personalities. You do a great job with Abby Kate and should be proud of the way she is turning out. She is so respectful when you are out and has such a great personality. Like Anna said, it is exciting to think about how God will use that fire in her when she is older.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh girl....I feel your pain.