Monday, July 31, 2006

I did what any mother would do...I panicked!!!

Have I mentioned before that Abby Kate is a strong-willed child? Well, if not, I do so now! Abby Kate is a strong-willed child!

When Abby Kate was only 5 months old, she gave us a peek at what was to come. While sitting on my lap, she got so upset, that she cried and cried and held her breath. Since that day, Abby Kate has held her breath on two other occasions. That is, until, today!

Joshua and Abby Kate aggravated each other all day long. Mondays are always like this (Sundays are draining on little ones). The two of them were fighting over a book and refusing to "take turns" with the book. I put the book in time-out. (If we can't share or take turns, then no one gets the book). Jason called telling me that he was on his way home. I went to the back of the house to avoid the screaming. While on the phone with Jason, I heard a horrible noise (I still have not figured out what it was) quickly followed by Abby Kate screaming. It's the scream that all mothers fear! I hung up on Jason and ran back into the den. There, in front of the chair, stood Abby Kate. Her mouth was wide open and nothing was coming out. I quickly realized that she was holding her breath. I ran over to her immediately. Before I reached her, she collapsed onto the floor (still holding her breath). I picked her up and started blowing in her mouth. I did this about 6 times before she finally cried. I panicked! I lost it! I did not know what to do! She was finally breathing, but she hadn't been a few seconds before. She not only had been holding her breath, but she fell to the ground from holding her breath. I did not know whether to call 911 or the doctor's office. I called the doctor's office and got through to the receptionist pretty quickly. I was so frantic! Both kids were crying in the background! I was fighting back my tears! The receptionist patched me through to the nurse and I explained again all that had just happened. She was so calm and I was not! She reassured me that Abby Kate had just gotten mad; that everything was okay.

I have finally calmed down from this afternoon. Abby Kate really scared me. I hope that this is not something that she will continue to do.

Abby Kate is my "passionate" child!


Jenna said...

Um, yeah, I definitely would have been freaking out!! I babysat 2 kids tonight, and the youngest boy was 10 months old. He managed to get a small piece of plastic in his mouth and I had to try to dig it out. He did not want me to get that plastic... It was at that moment that I thought: I can't imagine doing this all day long... everyday...

Mothers are amazing. Just in case you didn't hear it today; you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sunny. To copy Jenna, you ARE amazing! I can't imagine.

I have to say, though, you've gotta admire the kid! That stubborn, passionate strength and courage will do awesome things for the Kingdom. Plus, I have a feeling she comes by it honestly!

Seriously Sunny, you're incredible! Good luck with the rest of the week!

Lucy P.

Jamey said...

Isn't it amazing how mad kids can get. It's hard too when they can show that kind of anger that young. How do you teach it's okay to be mad, but you have to know how to control it?

I'm glad you and AK made it through ok.

Kenny Simpson said...

Thanks for letting Jamey and I know what we have to look forward to.
Just kidding, glad she was alright. Maybe she learned her lesson.

LauraP said...

Glad, she and you are ok. Thankfully neither one of mine did this. I liked Lane H. idea of the water. I would keep it on hand just in case. Having wonderful parents like the two of you they will learn to deal with their anger. Enjoy your mothers day out I know you will. I thought of it as a mentality break as much as anything else. You are doing a wonderful job.

sandy said...

Did Eyeguy Mike tell you that he used to do this when he was little? Anyway, I've heard of blowing really hard in their faces when they do that to make them gasp or popping them smartly on the bottom to make them gasp. Another option is of course what Mike's family used to do...roll him out of the way and ignore it. Once they learn what "gets" you, they use it! Aren't they fun? You're doing a great job! They are cute as a button and you all seem to be doing really well!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

wow. that would have totally freaked me out. glad you played it cool! Im impressed.