Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Number 3 – “Hmm, that’s interesting!”

Jason and I had a lot of fun telling all of our family and friends that we were expecting over Christmas. In January of 2004, Jason and I had an appointment at Dr. Bailey’s office. As we were finishing up all of the routine stuff, Dr. Lewis (the other doctor in Bailey’s practice) suggested that we go and have a quick look at the baby. This was not the “official” ultrasound – they used an ultrasound machine that was very dated. We were both really excited, though; we were about to see our baby for the first time!

Dr. Lewis gooped up my belly and there we were, first picture. Jason and I had no clue what we were looking for! Jason stopped Dr. Lewis and had him explain what it was that we were supposed to be looking for. While Dr. Lewis was talking to Jason, I still had my eyes glued to the monitor. Dr. Lewis was describing in great detail what the baby would look like at this point. Jason was drilling him with questions, trying to understand all that Dr. Lewis was telling him. As I was listening to the doctor’s detailed descriptions, I saw it! I saw exactly what Dr. Lewis was describing and then I thought, “Oh, I see TWO of those!”

About this time, Dr. Lewis turned his attention back to the screen and saw the same thing. Keep in mind now, that Jason is still sitting by my side desperately trying to see anything resembling a baby. Dr. Lewis’ face lit up and he smiled. I was smiling because I knew that what I had seen was a shock for Dr. Lewis. Jason was looking at the both of us wondering what we were smiling at. Dr. Lewis continued to stare at the ultrasound screen and said, “Hmm, that’s interesting!” Jason, of course, still had no clue. He instantly asked, “What? What’s so interesting?” The nurse in the room saw Jason’s face and busted out laughing. At this moment, I lost it! I laughed so hard and my belly was shaking so much that Dr. Lewis couldn’t finish the ultrasound. The screen went dark and Dr. Lewis, his nurse and I all kept laughing. Jason asked again, “What’s interesting?” and we all laughed even harder!

Finally, Dr. Lewis turned and told Jason, “I think I see two.” Poor Jason still didn’t get it. “Two what?” he asked. “Two babies?” Dr. Lewis smiled and gave Jason the good news: we would be parents to twins! I’m sure we’ll never forget those three little words that changed our lives: ”Hmm, that’s interesting!”


Jason said...

I'll never forget that day! I still never got to see our babies on the ultrasound! I don't know how you guys could see anything. But it sure makes for a funny story.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

so swweeeet! awe I love that story! thats awesome.