Monday, July 10, 2006

Abby Kate and Joshua's 2nd Birthday

Abby Kate and Joshua had a wonderful 2nd birthday party! We were surrounded by family and friends as we celebrated our babies turning TWO. I can hardly believe that it has been two years. I have truly enjoyed each and every stage. I thank God for allowing me to be Joshua and Abby Kate's momma!

This year's theme was Mickey Mouse (we included Minnie in the cake). A couple of weeks before the party, I made a trip out to Party City. I had no idea what kind of theme to do. Everything is either all boy or all girl. There are some gender neutral themes as well, but, Joshua and Abby Kate are not really into anything. I was faced with a repeat of Winnie the Pooh or __________. I finally found some Mickey Mouse stuff and thought that sounded good enough. I noticed that Mickey had a clearance sticker on him. A $.50 clearance sticker!!! Wait, this is too good to be true (regular price is $3.50). I ran up to the cashier and had her double check. Yep, $.50. I was so excited! I ended up buying all of the paper products, invitations, banners, hats, gift bags, thank you cards, etc. for $15.00! Seeing as how I easily spent over $60 last year, I was so proud of myself for my clearance find. My only question... How can you clearance Mickey?

Here are some pics of my adorable 2 year olds!

Abby Kate enjoying her Minnie Mouse birthday cake!

Joshua enjoying his Mickey Mouse birthday cake!

Joshua's favorite gift was his basketball goal! He is having so much fun playing bahbahball!

Abby Kate's favorite gift was her Ariel Cell Phone! She instantly started talking on her new phone and has not stopped.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

congrats on the second bday!! I am proud of you for such a great find...I am about to begin that venture myself!!!

BIGSIS said...

I know the twins were the life of the party. Just wish we could have experienced it LIVE!

They are adorable!

Alice said...

LOVE the pictures! Abby Kate and Joshua have such sweet smiles. You can tell they are happy children.