Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Some questions I have been pondering...

Varicose Veins
Why are these things creeping up on my thighs?

Self-Cleaning Ovens
Why is it when you clean your oven, that it causes the whole house to smell?

Rising Temperatures
Why is the inside of my house 80 degrees when I have the thermometer set at 68 degrees? Keep in mind that I thought I had solved this problem a couple of weeks ago.

Hair Pulling
Why does Abby Kate continue to pull Joshua's hair?

Stretch Marks
Why are mine not going away?

Why are the tub, shower and sink not draining and the toliet not flushing? I am too cheap to call the plumber.

Why do my children refuse to listen to me?

Why do the kids only cut teeth when Jason is out of town? Abby Kate is working on her 2 year molars.

Why must the kids continue to pull everything out of my make-up drawer? I refuse to have locks in my own bathroom.

My Stuff
Why does all of my stuff get destroyed by my precious little angels?

Why am I losing mine?


Supabloggasuprememama said...

why was it cute to have dimples on out booties when we were little and not now? come on. cut us some slack!!!

Tracy said...

Why is it that moms always feel like we aren't doing enough or doing it well enough no matter how much we do or how well we do it?

Very cute, Sunny!