Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Tide Has Turned

After Jason and I returned home from our honeymoon, we stopped off to visit with our families before moving 4 hours away. We had so much fun sharing our videos from San Diego and Los Angeles with our families. Because of the time difference it never really worked out for us to call home. We learned towards the end of our honeymoon that my parents had placed their home on the market and they had 3 offers above their asking price within a couple of days. On day 3, they sold the home that they had built when I was in the fourth grade. I was very shocked and a little sad that my childhood home would no longer be ours, but I was happy for my parents nonetheless.

I was able to spend one final night in my bedroom (with my husband of a week - talk about weird!) before we moved on to our new apartment. Jason returned to the Hendersonville Church that night where the youth ministry was having one final goodbye for all of the summer interns. I stayed home with my parents packing those last minute things to load into our cars.

My parents had the best going away gift waiting for us (as if they hadn't done enough already) . While we were away on our honeymoon, my parents had gone to Sam's Club and loaded us up with all the essentials. I'm talking shampoo, toliet paper, paper towels, a laundry basket, Tide, Downy, bandaids, toothpaste, toothbrushes and loads more. I absolutely LOVED this gift from them (I'm just a simple girl like that).

That box of Tide lasted us six months easily, but every six months I returned to Sam's Club to buy more Tide. Five years later, our laundry doubled with the addition of our twins. Jason and I frequented Sam's more often during those early years buying plenty of diapers and Tide. Then we added another baby to our party and the amount of laundry has reached the level of insanity! I don't know what it is about our party of five, but there is never an end in sight with the laundry! If I don't do at least one load every day, before I turn around I will have four loads piled high waiting to be washed.

Gone are the days of a massive box of laundry detergent lasting me half a year. My wonderful $27.85 box of Tide now lasts me two months tops!



I know the feeling...laundry never ends around here!!! That is our nightly ritual...fold a load or two or laundry. I know what you mean about skipping a day or two and it's more work in the long run.

TARA said...

I HAVE to share a recipe with you. This week I made my own laundry detergent. I'd been reading reviews about home made laundry detergent, and how it does the job. I am thrilled with the results and I have calculated that TIDE costs me nearly 6 times as much as making my own. I hope to post on www.taracooks.com soon!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I don't think it makes you "simple" it makes you smart, though! I LOVE stuff like that!

T said...

Let me know when you're ready to take a stab at homemade laundry detergent, oh fellow frugalista. It costs me less than a penny a load and works just as well!

Joy said...

i can relate! i decided not to do laundry or anything domestic for that matter, over spring break...all energy on the kids & fun! i did break down & do 2 loads ONLY so the boys could have underwear & ryan could have a clean uniform. no laundry for 9 whole days!!! it felt like a vacation until Monday...i used almost an entire bottle of tide in 2 days & i'm still not caught up:( yeah, we also had 6 baseball practices during that time & i didn't wash those either!