Monday, June 29, 2009

D.C. - Day 3

On Friday, Jason and I got a much slower (and much needed) start to our day. We decided to tour the National Museum of American History. We spent nearly 4 hours at the museum and we could have probably spent all day there. It was that interesting and that big! I especially loved the First Ladies exhibit, the Photographs of the 2009 Inauguration, Abraham Lincoln, and The Star-Spangled Banner exhibits. It really was an incredible museum and I know that we did not even see it all!

We found C3PO!

Speech! Speech!

I loved this archway!
This is a building that is across from the American History Museum.

Since we had toured the White House the previous day, I had to leave my camera back at our hotel since they do not allow cameras. I wanted to get some pictures of the White House, so after touring the Smithsonian, we walked up to Pennsylvania Avenue and got several pictures of the White House.

The White House outside light fixture has always been a favorite of mine.

The White House

Funny story about this picture...
The first night that we were in D.C., after seeing the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, we walked up to the back of the White House. As soon as we reached the back, the officers had to secure the perimeter and told us all to leave. I was pretty bummed because I really wanted that picture, but we knew that we would have other opportunities to come back.

So on Friday evening, we made our way to the back after snapping pictures of the front of the White House. As soon as we got up to the fence, the officers announced that they were shutting down the perimeter and that we all needed to leave immediately. This time Jason snapped a quick picture. It is just a little off...

I have another picture from further back and you can see several of the black SUVs lined up along the drive. I don't know if the President was leaving or not, but we later saw where he was out for the evening at the Reporter's Dinner.

We walked back over to the memorials to get some more pictures as the sun was setting...

The Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

After our time at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, we hiked back up to the Foggy Bottom metro stop in search of some dinner. We had heard a little bit about Georgetown, so we headed that way on foot. Little did we know that the walk to Georgetown was more than just a little ways away! Georgetown was a really neat area of town and we finally found (another) Johnny Rockets. Finding our food was by far the hardest challenge!


joy said...

All these pictures are really making me want to go back to DC! LOVE your pictures!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how much fun! love your photos! I've always loved the light fixture too. wonderfully classic. ;)

-Lane said...

It really is hard to find a good place to grab a bite in D.C., unless you want to pay premium prices!