Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Pictures From Our Weekend

I really like this picture of the two of them.

This is a kangaroo!
(according to my kids)
This is the rabbit that is our newest backyard animal. The other day the kids found him out on our front patio. They kept saying over and over again that we had a kangaroo outside and I just had to see what all of the excitement was about.

Jackson's new favorite snack - popcorn!
He calls it "pop" and is just crazy about it.

One of our projects on Friday was to paint our wrought iron patio furniture and update the chairs with my new cushions.

I love the new look of these chair cushions. I was thrilled to get them as a birthday present from my grandparents this year.

My parents gave me the umbrella for my birthday present this year. It is so nice having a shaded area to eat outside now. I think that the furniture turned out very nice and we are loving having our "new" patio furniture and chairs outside.

I am afraid that this is going to be one long summer for Abby Kate. On Saturday she climbed on a dirt hill after her tee ball game and got stung by an ant. Unfortunately her hand is swollen now, just like her foot was over Memorial Day weekend.

I finally had the time to give Abby Kate another pedicure and manicure over the weekend. Jason and I are wanting to paint our bathroom, but we are very hesitant. Can you see the faux brick in the reflection from the mirror? Nice, huh? We've lived with it for 2 years now and I think that we are ready to see it go. I don't mind the texture on the walls, but I am wanting to cover up the brick. The only problem with covering up the brick, is that I don't have the colors in the wall that they used in their color washing technique. I really don't think that there is anyway for us to match up the 2 or 3 colors already on the wall. My question is this: Can you paint a solid color over a wall that has had texture added to it? Will it look okay, or should we try to find a color washing technique of the colors that we like? Also, if I go with the solid color, I am thinking about going a shade lighter from our bedroom color. Is that what a lot of people do since the rooms are somewhat connected?

While Abby Kate and I were in the bathroom fixing nails, the boys decided to play a little playstation. This is how I found the two of them when Abby Kate and I were finished.


The HoneaBees said...

I would go 2 shades lighter...there really isn't a lot of difference to notice if you go 1 shade-just from experience.
I am not sure about covering the texture...I will have to do that in my bathroom one day too. But, you will probably have to use kilz over the red anyway, so that might give you a good idea of how paint would cover.

brooke said...

Love those picutres...especially, the first one! That is hilarious about the kangaroo!! :) Playstation and painting nails...that's pretty much our life at the Busby's.

Elizabeth Witt Walters said...

I just painted our bedroom and we live in a very old spanish style house and back then they did not have smooth walls! I had to do three coats and then go over some spots with a paintbrush to get it in all the crevices but your space isn't that big so I don't think it'll be such a problem.

Elizabeth Witt Walters said...

p.s. just use a roller with a long nap.

Alisha said...

You guys had a busy weekend! Your table looks really great. I know you are proud of it. I can't believe that Abby Kate's hand is swollen now! Bless her heart. I hope it will go down soon.

Joy said...

that first picture is so sweet!!! i love the kangaroo reminds of ben running to tell me that there was a big beaver in our backyard eating our grass. it was a groundhog =)

chesley said...

poor Abby Kate & that swelling..good grief! For the bathroom, I would definitely use a primer to paint everything first to try and even it out as much as possible, then do what elizabeth said & get a roller with a long nap to paint your color. it should be ok, but you'll have to do some touch up in the crevices. you can also have your primer tinted to be similar to whatever paint color you decide on.


That picture of Abby Kate and Joshua is adorable! I love that one! :)