Saturday, June 20, 2009

Museums, Ducks, and Fish

On the Saturday after Jackson's birthday, we decided to head downtown to the Children's Museum with my parents. We had really wanted to go to the petting zoo that was a little outside of town, but a thunderstorm had come earlier in the day and we didn't want the rain to ruin our trip. We all had such a great time at our downtown children's museum. We now have a family pass, so we are all looking forward to many more trips.

Jackson LOVED splashing around the water table.

Jackson really wanted in the water!

Abby Kate, Jackson and Joshua LOVED playing at the water table. Joshua had found a turtle costume and kept it on the entire time they were playing.

Joshua, Jackson and Abby Kate on an old wagon.

Playing dress up

Even Jason got in on the fun of dressing up

Abby Kate
I am finding it hard to believe that this little girl is about to be 5!!!

Feeding the ducks and fish
Last year I started saving all of the ends to our bread loaves. We now have quite the collection of frozen bread! The kids LOVED feeding the ducks and the fish!

Jackson and Jason


Jason said...

I love the look on Jackson's face in the picture where he's playing in the water. He's hilarious!

brooke said...

I love little family activities! We had a memebership there last year but I think by now it's expired. The kids always had fun. Love that picture of Abby Kate.

Alisha said...

I know you are excited to have that membership to the museum. It will be perfect for those rainy or just too hot days. Hope you guys had a great trip, too!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how precious. glad you guys had such a great time! the pic with Jason dressed up is a little scary...;)