Saturday, October 03, 2009

Beyond Frustated!

About a year ago, Joshua went through a series of tests at UAB. One of those tests was an MRI. Insurance paid their part and we were left with the balance. I am so thankful for insurance. We were left with a balance of $493. Pretty high, but considering that an MRI costs thousands of dollars, I was thankful.

Time went on and we continued to pay our way through our bill. The bills kept coming and I always turned around and mailed out my checks. I have been doing this for OVER A YEAR NOW!!! I seriously thought that we were finished with our bill, but a random $160 statement arrived in the mail yesterday! Seriously??? What is going on with my account? I actually pulled out all of my bank statements from the past year and added up all of my checks that I have paid on this account and the total was quite shocking. $618!!! What are they doing with my money???

Back at the beginning of the year, we were threatened to be turned over to a collection agency because they were claiming that we hadn't been paying on our account. Several calls, bank statements, cleared checks, and faxes later, they realized that they had made a mistake and stopped threatening us with calls to turn us over.

Now, I am beyond frustrated! I am simply not understanding the billing department. I don't understand why I have paid this hospital $618 and now they want $180 in addition to that, when our bill states that we only owe $493! Why are they trying to charge me an additional $305?

I want my money back! I want an explanation! I want to know why this office is not managing my account correctly! It seriously makes me not want to visit that hospital again! I am beyond frustrated. If I have to, I will drive back down to Birmingham, demand to speak with someone about my account, and not leave until I have a check in my hand for my additional $125 that I have already paid! I simply do not understand and I want my money back!

There, now I feel much better... :)


alice232 said...

Sunny, I am so sorry! I would be beyond frustrated too. I've had a bad experience with a local hospital too over bills a few years ago. I kept calling and they would assure me that the problem was fixed only to receive another bill and eventually a threat to be handed over to a collection agency. As it turns out, my payments were being posted to another person's account which was one number different from mine. It took me finally emailing the CEO and having a phone call with the CFO to get it straightened out. Go to the top and politely but firmly demand an explanation. I hope that you get the problem resolved quickly!

Jamey said...

I hope it gets all worked out. Matters that arise out of the ordinary, especially those involving money, are super frustrating! Let us know how it comes out!

Stacy said...

I would be frustrated too, but at least you were keeping track of it...I'm not so sure I would've even noticed!!!

AUbecca said...

Sunny, this is the exact type of law that I practice and I would be happy to make a call or write a letter for you. Sometimes it is amazing how these things "work themselves out" after a lawyer calls the billing department :o)
Seriously, I am more than happy to help if you like.

Jason said...

I fully authorize you to make any calls you deem necessary to help us "work this out". It's nice to have persuasive friends.

chesley said...

These kinds of things are so ridiculous! I usually end up getting so mad that I cry on the phone...totally out of character & plain embarassing! Hope you get it straightened out soon.