Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Movin' On Up

Jackson finally figured out how to climb out of and into his crib last Wednesday night. While tucking Joshua and Abby Kate into bed, I heard Jackson's crib toy "singing". I knew that I hadn't turned it on and quickly ran to find Jackson climbing into his crib and grinning the biggest grin. After getting all of the kids to bed, I started cleaning up around the house and was surprised to find our little Jack Jack standing right beside me. I bet that he got out of his crib 15 times before finally going to sleep. Each and every time, I walked him back to his crib, laid him down, and left hoping that he would drift off to sleep. It took quite a long time, but he eventually fell fast asleep.

The next two nights were pure torture to me. Jason was away for the nights at a preaching conference, and I was left at home to make sure that Jackson did not escape. One night he came running into my room at 10:30 while I was on the phone with Jason. He scared me silly and finally went to bed.

I am a very heavy sleeper and that is not always a good thing. When I wake up, it takes me awhile to figure out what is happening and what I need to do next. I am not really a morning person any more and would much rather sleep in until 8:00. Oh well, those days are long gone. Anyways, I was awoken on Saturday morning (I had been looking forward to Saturday morning all week long) to the noise of Jackson on the kitchen counter. He was raiding the kitchen cabinets and I was in no mood to be awake at 6:00. I put him back to bed and was quickly awoken again by the sound of him playing with his noisiest toys.

If you know anything about Jackson, you know that you have to keep your eyes on him at all times. He is the sweetest little boy, but he definitely likes to figure things out. He will work at something for hours (if need be), to get his way. He is definitely determined and I know that determination will pay off one day. Jackson is also very curious! Jackson can not be left alone! At all!

I have been dreading the transition of Jackson's crib. I was hoping that once he figured out his crib, that we could just lower his mattress to the floor and that would buy us some extra time. Seeing as how he could climb out and climb into his crib, I knew that this was no longer an option. If he could climb into his crib from the floor, lowering the mattress would not work. Seeing as how we didn't want Jackson climbing in and out of his crib, we decided to go ahead and convert his crib to a toddler bed. I definitely did not want my little guy falling and getting hurt.

The last few nights have been pretty exhausting. We put up a baby gate on Saturday night. Jackson opened his door several times before drifting off to sleep. He was found raiding the refrigerator at 3:00 AM on Sunday morning. Jason was up with Jackson four different times the rest of the morning. (Jason is the lighter sleeper of the two of us.) Sunday night, we put a safety lock on his door knob and raised his baby gate up a little higher. The newly adjusted baby gate took all of about 5 seconds for him to climb over and then squeeze under right in front of us. We put a lever safety lock on the door knob and thought that we had succeeded. Monday morning we were proved wrong when Jackson somehow miraculously appeared in our living room out of his room that was baby gated and safety locked. Last night was much better. Jackson stayed in his room and did not escape this morning. Each night is getting better and better. I know that these transitions take time. Hopefully we will all get adjusted to this new phase very soon.

When Jackson saw that his crib had been transitioned, he immediately looked at Jason and said, "Daddy broke my bed! My bed broke!"


chesley said...

oh my! he's a mess! i, too, am dreading this transition with claire. with grant, he never slept in his bed anyway..so we were just starting from scratch. the last week or so, claire is waking up every night yelling at the top of her lungs about one thing or another. we were up from 4-6 this morning listening to her yell! i can only imagine what she'd be doing if she could get out!! hang in there, surely it will get better :-)!

brooke said...

Oh me...that's so hard. Keep it up....it will pay off!! Love those sweet little pictures of him. Good luck!!

The HoneaBees said...

Boys!!SO cute though! Especially the babies of the family!
We will be transitioning soon too. E loves his bed so much that I may just keep him in there until he can get out.