Sunday, October 11, 2009

Personal Space

We all long for our very own "personal" space. Don't you just love all of those "space invaders" that we all find out in public. You know, the person that just can't back off while standing in line. Or when you find yourself all alone on an aisle in the grocery and soon you look up and you have 2 or 3 space invaders that are curious to see what you are looking at. Please tell me that I am not the only one that notices these things. They seriously drive me a little nutty at times. I always "move on" and then look back at the person who just had to check out what I was looking at. Oh yeah, they go away in about 5 seconds of me leaving.

Anyways, the point that I am getting at is that we all need our space. It is a very healthy thing to need your space and a place to call your own. That brings me to Abby Kate. As you all know, Abby Kate is my passionate child! She is extremely passionate about whatever she deems of most importance. Right now that is her bedroom and all of her toys. I am all for giving Abby Kate her personal space. I think that children should have their own space, a place to put their things and the right to "govern" their property. However, every day we find ourselves constantly breaking up arguments over Abby Kate's room and her stuff.

Some days, Abby Kate loves to have her brothers come into her room and play with all of her stuff, and then there are days were we might as well lock up the door and not let anyone in. She has actually requested this, even if that means that she doesn't get to go into her room. I don't really know what to do. I don't think that she should overreact when her brothers come into her room, but I also feel that she has the right to be protective and a bit bossy over her room and her toys. I am completely torn on the situation and what to do about her room.

What are your thoughts?


Stacy said...

I don't really know! I also have torn feelings when my kids automatically decide they want a toy of theirs that the other is playing with. On one hand, obviously we are trying to teach sharing and patience. On the other hand, if something is theirs they might should get to play with it when they want?? I don't know. We haven't had the fight over going in the rooms yet...sigh...I can hardly wait! (if only i could type sarcasm!)

by the way, that's a cute pic of Abby Kate looking all grown up! :)

The HoneaBees said...

Have you tried letting her pick a few things that are "only hers" that no one else can play with and then letting everything else be free range?
We do this when we have friends over because AA is so funny about certain things (read: OCD like mommy) I tell her that whatever is her "toy of the moment" has to be put away when friends are over. If she doesn't want her brother playing with it, then it can only be played with at the table. Otherwise, it is fair game.
Or maybe set a certain time that they have to leave AK alone to be in her "space?"
Girls are fun aren't they?

TARA said...

I think the bedroom should be a sanctuary for the occupant. It's the occupant's perrogative to decide if, who, when to invite others in. I have no place, no time, and no thing that is exclusively MINE in our home! I see so much of myself in AK. I vote to let her have her space and leave her alone. She should understand however, that other siblings can have the same rules for their rooms and stuff.