Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Thoughts - Just A Bit Random

I registered our twins for Kindergarten the other day! I can hardly believe that our babies will be in Kindergarten this fall!

Jackson took to potty training like a champ! I don't know which child was easier to train, Abby Kate or Jackson, but I am glad that we are out of diapers. It definitely feels weird to be out of this stage. It has consumed our world for the past 5 years!

We've always said that we would wait and take our kids to Disney when they were 7 and 4. We are kind of rethinking that now. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice that they would like to share. Did you plan on your own? Go with a travel agent? How did you save money/score some deals? Etc...

Speaking of vacations, we are getting really excited about our summer trip with my parents!

American Idol, Survivor, and the Amazing Race!!! Need I say more....

I'm going to try something new this week.

Speaking of savings, I have had two successful trips to Kroger's these past two weeks. However, Jason forgot to use the coupons when he went a couple of weeks ago! I cannot stand leaving money on the table!!! Yesterday I made the trip for this week and I messed up on my deals, too! I was so frustrated with myself! I love the buy 10 get $5 off, but I miscounted by one!!! I bought 29 items, instead of the 30 needed. I still saved over $50... I'm just a little OCD.

Did anyone else see the Oprah about texting/talking on the cell phone while driving? The information shared in that episode is still making me think. I've definitely stopped texting and I limit my calls when driving. I've always noticed that the people that ride my tail the most are the ones on their phones. I wish that our state would become a no texting/talking on the cell phone state.

After listening to all of our Christmas music, I was finally able to pull out my new cds. Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble, and Martina McBride!!! Love them! HINT - Michael Buble is going to be in ATL this March!!!


one BleSSed gal! said...

I can't believe your babies are going to be in Kindergarten either! Seems like just yesterday they were in my little 2s class making me laugh my head off on Wednesday nights. Where does time go???

My only advice/plea on Disney...please pack me in your suitcase =)

Jamey said...

We know a parent of a track kid who has been to Disney a million times. She has all kinds of tricks, plans, etc. that you should follow. I have her number...she is more than willing to share her info with anyone and everyone who wants to know how to save money.

We went with our kids when Avery was three and Braden not even one. He doesn't remember anything, but Avery still has vivid memories. We always talked about waiting until they were older, but Kenny's parents asked if we wanted to go with them, and we all had a blast! We are excited to go again.

TARA said... was worth the 20$ I spent. I took HOpe the week of July 4th at peak season. When we followed Tour Guide Mike's advice, we never waited more than 10 mintues to ride anything! From what I researched recently - the prices have gone up.

Plan to stay 10 days if you can. The passes are the same price if you buy a 7, 8, 9, or 10 day pass. If you plan to return to Disney in the near future, get everyone a 10 day pass with no expiration date. That way you can make 2 trips for 5days each using the same passes!

Hope and Micah are dying to go again.

Hope's fav was the trip to the Bippity Bobbity Boutique and lunch in the castle with the princesses. That one must be booked 6 months in advance.

Good luck!

Alisha said...

Oh, please come to ATL for the concert. We would love to have you!