Monday, February 22, 2010

No More Faux, but I'm Not Completely Sold

After nearly 3 years of living with our faux walls, Jason and I finally crossed something off of our to do list. We painted our master bathroom over the weekend! We were beyond thrilled to bid farewell to the flaming red bricks poking their way through our bathroom walls. We matched the already existing texture on the wall to help "cover up" the red brick and to make it blend in with the rest of the wall. To say that we are happy to see the brick gone would be a huge understatement.

We had plans to go a shade or two lighter from our bedroom color in the bathroom. We were saddened to learn that they no longer make our bedroom paint color, so we didn't have the swatch to see what color was lighter and would coordinate with our bedroom. The guy at the store showed us a couple of swatches that the computer said would coordinate and we chose the lighter one. Its called Oyster, and we really thought that it would darken on the walls.

We were wrong!

It is like a creamy white!

Not the color that I was really going for.

I'm not crazy about our bathroom being that light of a color.

I am not completely sold on the color.

I know that it is a HUGE change from what was in there, and maybe I am having a hard time adjusting...

I need curtains.

I don't want to repaint.

I can't stand painting bathrooms!

We seriously need some wall art if we keep it.

I am excited that there is no more faux, but I'm not completely sold!!!



What do you think?


TARA said...

It's pretty. There's so much you can do with that neutral canvas.

jenna said...

Much much better!! And I agree with Tara; you can do a lot with that now! I like the idea of some good wall art!

brooke said...

Wow. thosw red bricks are pretty interesting! It looks so much better. We need some nice pictures for our bathrooms as well, well and every other room. :) We've painted bathrooms before and I have to say it was the hardest room to do...behind toilets, etc. It wasn't easy. I know you're glad it's done.

Jamey said...

Oh!!! I had forgotten about how 'in your face' those bricks were! You could brighten it up with colorful towels, along with your art.

Alisha said...

Oh, Sunny, it looks so much better! Great job on taking the risk and changing it up. I'm thinking about chocolate brown or some other warm colors that will take away from the 'whiteness' of the new finish. I'm so excited for you!